British Studies at Oxford


In July and August, students live and study for six weeks in St. John’s College, one of the most beautiful and distinguished colleges of Oxford University, whose origins date back to the fifteenth century. The program each year concentrates on a period of British history and culture (from Roman Britain to the present day) and offers a large number of seminars from a wide range of disciplines (seminars in literature, political history, social history, religious history, history of science, art and architecture, political science, philosophy, and music are regularly offered).

The seminars are specially designed for the program and are taught by a carefully selected British and American faculty. All seminars take place in the mornings, and on teaching days these are supplemented by plenary lectures by distinguished British academics. Integral to the program are study visits to sites crucial to that year’s theme and theater visits to Stratford-upon-Avon and London.

The program also includes workshops and recitals keyed to the subjects being studied. The fee for participation includes all these elements, as well as full board and lodging (single rooms) throughout the program. All students take two seminars and may earn eight hours of academic credit (twelve hours if taking the optional third seminar). The program is so structured that all teaching for the week usually ends before lunch on Thursdays, allowing students the opportunity to travel independently over the long weekends. Many students travel extensively on their own either before or after the program.

There are scholarship opporunities each summer specifically for British Studies, as a result of generous donations, supplemented by the program’s own funds.  Review the information at the British Studies website for current details.

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