Alex Kiester


Major: Creative Writing
Minor: Film
Studied Abroad: Spanish, English Literature, Film
Studied In: Barcelona, Spain

I’m Alex Kiester, a Creative Writing major, and I studied abroad during my Spring 2009 semester in Barcelona.  I went through International Education for Students, or IES, and lived with a host family and two other American girls.  I absolutely loved my experience and had some of the best times of my life.  I took classes in both English and Spanish and studied numerous subjects, my favorite being my documentary filmmaking class (taught in Spanish!).  My favorite aspect of my time abroad was the independent traveling I did on weekends and for three weeks after my program ended in May.  I had the opportunity to explore and come to love Barcelona as well as travel to 7 other countries. Experiencing so many different cultures, tasting new foods, and exploring numerous places was fun, eye-opening, and I would go back in a second!