Carsen Bahn


Where I went: Namibia and Spain

When I went: Summmers 2008 and 2009

Program: Maymesters
My name is Carsen Bahn, I am a junior Biology major and Religious Studies minor.  I have had the opportunities to study abroad with two Rhodes programs.  Both were incredible and I had a chance to learn more than I would sitting in a classroom! In the summer of 2008 I traveled to Namibia, Africa on the Rhodes Environmental Field Study.  In summer 2009 I attended the Spanish Maymester in Bilbao, Spain.

Namibia was an amazing experience; we were able to travel all over Namibia examining the different environmental challenges facing Southern Africa.  I was able to climb the Sossusvlei desert sand dunes, participate in elephant tracking with the EHRA, pet a cheetah at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and spend the day with the Himbas, a primitive African tribe.  This was the perfect opportunity to receive upper level biology credit for my major while still studying abroad! 

On the Bilbao Maymester, Rhodes students stayed with a host family.  My “house mother” was Senora Ana.  With only two semesters of Spanish, communicating my daily plans or food preferences was the most challenging, but rewarding part of the course.  Though we had language and culture class everyday, we still had the chance to see some other parts of Spain on weekend trips to Madrid, Segovia, Barcelona and my favorite, Sans Sebastian.

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