Grace Stranch


Major: International Studies
Minor: Anthropology/Sociology

Hello, Jambo, Namaste, Kia Ora, Hola!

My name is Grace Stranch.  I am an International Studies major and an Anthropology/Sociology minor.  I first went abroad for the Spanish Maymester in Cuenca, Ecuador.  I really enjoyed being able to practice my Spanish.

I spent this past school year with the International Honors Program, Rethinking Globalization, where I traveled to D.C., Tanzania, India, New Zealand, and Mexico.  I spent time living with different indigenous groups, including the Massai, Warli, Maori, and the Zapatistas.  I climbed mountains, went on safari, lived in the jungle, slept under the stars, acted in a Bollywood movie, surfed in the ocean, and learned many dances on my travels.  I also learned about the dangers of consumerism and saw firsthand the true cost of the lifestyles of many Americans in the toxic waste dumps and swollen bellies I encountered. Some of the things I saw made me appreciate the freedoms that exist in America. I am currently trying to live my life in a way that is ecologically, and socially responsible.