Jordan Harms


Where I went: St. Petersburg, Russia

When I went: Summer 2009

Program: Maymester

Hi! My name is Jordan Harms and I am a history and international relations major with a Russian studies minor.  I just got back from the summer Maymester in Russia program in what has to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, St. Petersburg.  The Maymester track is short, but completely worthwhile in terms of getting your feet wet about what it is like to study abroad, as well as a great way to get to know fellow Rhodes students interested in the fields that you are. 

I was able to study at the prestigious Gorny Institute situated on the campus of St. Petersburg University and lived in the dorms there.  I was taught by some terrific Russian professors and had lots of opportunities to meet students from all over Russia and Eastern Europe.  Besides exploring the breathtaking historical sites in the city every chance I got, the program provides intensive language instruction, as well as outside excursions to places like the medieval city of Novgorod, where I stayed with a Russian host family, and got to learn more about the fabulous food and traditions. 

The program is set up so that our exposures are varied, from attending the Russian ballet to exploring bookstores and cafes to visiting Peterhof, a Russian palace outside the city.  I plan to return to Russia in my junior year to continue to improve my language skills - studying abroad is an invaluable experience for immersing yourself and learning about other languages and cultures!

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