Katherine Delavan


Major:  Economics & International Studies
Location: Oxford, England & Granada, Spain
When: Summer ’08 & Spring Semester ‘09
Program: British Studies at Oxford & API
Language Studied: Spanish
How long: 2.5 months & 5 months

My name is Katherine and I have studied abroad twice – at St. John’s College in Oxford, England during the British Studies summer program and last year in Granada, Spain for a full semester and an extra month.  Going abroad has been (repeatedly) the best decision I have made in college.  I have traveled throughout a large portion of Europe and have made friends from many different countries, sharing experiences with them and learning about their cultures.  The amazing places I have visited and the history I have been exposed to have taught me more than a classroom ever could have, and increased my love for travel with every trip.  In Oxford I spent the summer with my classmates from Rhodes, traveling throughout the UK and building the friendships that began in Memphis.  In Granada I was exposed to a whole new world of culture and started out not knowing a single person.  My greatest joy abroad was learning Spanish and being able to see improvement each day as I talked with my host family, friends, and the locals, and it enabled me to form bonds that have lasted even as I am back home from overseas.   After graduation I hope to return either to Spain or to another Spanish speaking country and continue to work on my language skills, meet new people, and travel to new places.