Stephanie Brenzel


Major(s): Religious Studies and German
Studied Abroad: German language and literature, Catholic theology
Studied in: Tübingen Germany (spring of 2009)- University of Tübingen Exchange Program

Hi! My name is Stephanie Brenzel and I am a senior with majors in German and Religious Studies.  I spent the spring of 2009 in Tübingen, Germany. Tübingen is a small city in the southern state of Baden-Württemburg and I was an exchange student at the University there. I fell in love with Tübingen upon my arrival and I enjoyed spending my time outside exploring the city’s various walking trails. My favorite was the one that led to a monastery in the neighboring village of Bebenhausen.

During my program, I took both German and theology courses. Because I was directly enrolled in the University, I had the chance to be in the classroom with many native German speakers. My conversations with these students not only helped me improve my own German but it also gave me invaluable insight into their culture and what day-to-day life was like in Germany.

I also had the opportunity of traveling all around the country: Berlin, Munich, Bremen, and Hamburg are just some of the cities that I visited. My semester in Germany was truly one of the best times of my life. I am already planning my next trip there!