Exchange Programs


ISEP Exchange

Rhodes is a member of the International Student Exchange Program. On an ISEP Exchange, a student pays Rhodes room, board, and tuition, just as in any given semester or academic year spent at Rhodes. Deadlines are quite early, so plan ahead! Credit is treated as transfer credit. There′s more information in the link on the right.  

Bi-Lateral Exchanges

Rhodes has bi-lateral exchange agreements with institutions in Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey. On exchange, a student pays Rhodes tuition and fees, just as in any given semester or academic year spent at Rhodes, using any institutional and federal aid for which the student may be eligible. In most cases, room and board are paid to the host institution. Credit is treated as transfer credit. 

Read more about each of our Exchange Partners in the links to the right.

Update for the Fall 15 Term:

(updated 01/21/2015)

The following Exchange Programs are available. Non-listed exchange programs are full and therefore unavailable.

  • Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Koblenz-Landau, Germany (German intensive)
  • Lima, Peru (Spanish intensive)
  • Poitiers, France (French intensive)
  • Tubingen, Germany (German intensive) 
  • ISEP Exchange