At the United States Embassy/Consulate


What should I take to the United States Embassy/Consulate?

It is crucial that you take all the proper documents with you during your visa appointment.  If you don′t, you may be required to return for a second time, which may delay your visa processing time by several weeks.

Common Forms/Documents/Items Required for Visa Application:

  • Visa application form obtained from the United States Embassy/Consulate
  • Visa application fee - amount will vary according to the country 
  • Immigration form I-20 or DS 2019 provided by Rhodes or your sponsoring agency 
  • Proof of I-901 SEVIS fee payment 
  • Letter of admission from Rhodes College
  • Copy of TOEFL score as required by Rhodes for non-native English speakers 
  • Proof of finances and/or proof of assistantship/scholarship.  (Original bank documents and/or award letter for assistantship or scholarship will serve this purpose)
  • Photographs for visa  Valid passport 
  • Previous school transcripts, diplomas or records (not always required but you should be prepared to present them if requested) 
  • Documents to support your non-immigrant intent (intent to return to your home country upon completing your studies)

For additional information see the United States State Department Visa Services web site.

What happens at the United States Embassy/Consulate?

You may be required to speak with a consular official who reviews many visa applications every day.  The consular officer will quickly review your documents and ask about your plans of study.  The officer will verify that you have the academic ability, English language skills, and financial resources to study at Rhodes.  Since you are applying for a non-immigrant visa, the officer will require documentation of proof of intent to return to your home country.  The officer will then give you instructions about when to return to pick up your documents and your visa or when to expect them in the mail.  A few applicants may receive a request to submit additional information.  If you are required to have an interview with a consular official, please prepare for your meeting by reading 10 Tips for Your Consular Interview.