Stephenie Johnson


Major: Political Science
Studied Abroad: Medieval and Renaissance Art, Literature, and History
Studied In: England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium (European Studies Western Track)


My name is Stephenie Johnson, and I am a Senior Political Science major. I studied abroad in Western Europe during the fall of 2008, which was the first semester of my senior year. On the European Studies program, I was able to study in five countries and over twenty cities in only three months. During this program, Rhodes and Sewanee students study together at Oxford University in England for six weeks and then travel on the European continent for four weeks, visiting famous museums and unique small towns to study Medieval and Renaissance Art. Not only did I study in countries such as Italy, France and Germany, but I also had the opportunity to travel independently to places like Barcelona, Spain and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Overall European Studies was a wonderful program for me because it allowed me to study and travel with familiar peers, yet get to know the cultures of several different places that I never dreamed I would have the chance to visit. Even as a Political Science major, I am glad that I chose to study an unfamiliar and new subject in places entirely unknown to me. My time abroad not only taught me about a world I had never known, but it also helped me gain a better understanding of myself. It was an unforgettable, life-changing experience!

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