French and French Studies


The following is from the List of Recognized Programs and Providers.

Students are not restricted to the programs listed. Students wishing to participate on a program that does not appear on the List of Recognized Programs/Providers must petition for approval to participate on the program. Staff at the Buckman Center are able to explain the petition process.


It is strongly advised that all interested students consult with the French Section before selecting a program.


American University Center of Provence in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille

Formally recognized by the French national Ministry of Education, the American University Center of Provence provides a high quality academic and cultural experience for American college and university students.  At the heart of international education, two full-immersion French programs combine an all French-speaking environment, individual homestay, language partner, personal interest activity, and community service with rigorous course work taught by French university faculty.  In Aix-en-Marseille, classes are offered in French and European studies, literature and the arts, and cross-cultural communication. The Marseille program offers courses in international relations, the middle east, political science, and cross-cultural communication.

APA in Paris

Academic Programs Abroad (APA) is an independent organization chartered in the state of Delaware. It is an educational service that works closely with American universities and provides students with the opportunity to live and study in France for an academic year or semester.  The uniqueness of APA is that it offers American students the opportunity to discover a new culture by immersing themselves in French academic, cultural and social life. We believe that it is only through immersion, however surprising and difficult it may sometimes be, that they will be able to master the language.  The program has been specifically designed for American students to experience complete integration into French academic life by helping them better understand and appreciate the differences between the French and the American educational systems and between American and French cultures.

Boston University in Paris

The Boston University Paris Internship Program is a 16 week semester program for undergraduates who wish to improve their French & gain international work experience. The first eight weeks are dedicated to improving your French through language classes & liberal arts courses in politics, economics, art history, literature & civilization. The following eight weeks are spent in a full-time internship in a wide variety of French and multinational institutions and businesses. The Paris team is here to ensure that you get as much out of your time here as possible. We supervise your academics, find you an internship, manage your housing, organize activities, and help with any personal problems. Since its inception in the Summer of 1989, PIP has shepherded over 1500 students through this process.

CIEE in Paris and Senegal (“Critical Studies” only)

CIEE is a leading U.S. non-governmental international educational organization administering approximately 95 study abroad programs in 33 countries. 
The Paris program is geared to students who have completed at least five semesters of French study or are at the high intermediate or advanced level in their language study. Students should have an interest in a critical approach to contemporary French thought in the fields of literature, film, philosophy, art, and aesthetics. 
The Senegal program will interest you if you are interested or majoring in French/Francophone studies, African studies, international relations, or development studies and are seeking an opportunity to live and study in a French-speaking West African country considered by many to be one of the most developed and democratic nations in that region. The program is geared toward students interested in continuing French language study and learning Wolof, while taking other courses in English and having a cultural immersion experience.

IES in Nantes

The sixth largest city of France, Nantes is small enough to allow you to feel at home but large enough to be a bustling cultural and economic center. IES is the only permanent American study abroad program in Nantes, offering you ample opportunity to practice your French.  Study abroad in Nantes and discover the French “art de vivre,” and meet “Nantais” of all ages in your homestays, at the University, or in your extracurricular activities.

IES in Paris

Paris delights and inspires newcomers with the paintings in the Louvre, the grands boulevards, and a skyline marked by the Eiffel Tower and the Gothic spires of Notre Dame. The Parisians are also very proud of their rich cultural life, with more than 300 theaters, 400 cinemas, and many concert halls.  Students can experience all that Paris has to offer through one of two unique IES Abroad Programs: The French Studies program and the Business and International Affairs program.

IFE (Internships in Francophone Europe) in Paris

IFE’s FSI Program is a three-stage adventure, beginning with thorough training, continuing into the internship period when well-prepared students participate in a working team of French professionals in their chosen field, and culminating in a research project carried out with the help of an IFE research advisor. As an educational organization, IFE ensures the success of this adventure with a framework of program structure, support, contact and advising.  As a student at IFE... You plunge into contemporary France alongside French professionals, discovering a lively European society moving in new directions, that are stimulating, contradictory, and creative!  Your daily participation in the workplace turns out to be the best way possible to observe and participate in contemporary French society.  You begin to piece together the European framework from work, conversation, research and debate.

ISEP in Aix-Marseille III, Angers, Caen, Franche-Comté, Lille, and Rennes II

ISEP offers bilateral exchange in over 200 locations worldwide. Need based financial aid and scholarships granted by Rhodes apply to these exchange programs. Students participating on these exchanges pay tuition (and in some cases room and board) to Rhodes and receive financial aid as if they were at Rhodes. Credit is treated as transfer credit.  The link above will lead you to a list of French universities that offer exchanges through ISEP.

SIT in Cameroon, Madagascar, and Senegal

SIT programs use a field-based approach to achieve genuine cultural immersion. Each program is organized around a theme and includes intensive language study, home stays, thematic and field seminars an independent study project.  SIT offers programs in the French-speaking countries listed above with concentrations in culture, ecology, and the arts.

The University of Poitiers (exchange)

Rhodes offers a direct exchange with the University of Poitiers.  The University of Poitiers is a large public university of about 28,000 students. Founded in 1431 by Pope Eugenius IV and granted a royal charter by King Charles VII, the University of Poitiers had become a leading cultural center by the Renaissance, second only to the Paris Sorbonne. Among its students one finds such illustrious poets, writers, and philosophers as Rabelais, Du Bellay, Guez de Ballzac, Descartes, and Sir Francis Bacon. Today the University of Poitiers is a vibrant, innovative part of the French higher education system and offers a great variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Natural Sciences.  Residence hall accommodations are available. Students may study for either one semester or for an academic year. Students studying at the university have commented on the university town atmosphere and good location.

Vanderbilt University in Aix-en-Provence

The Vanderbilt-in-France program, located in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France, celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary in 2006 and is one of the two oldest study abroad programs for Americans in this charming city. Since its founding, Vanderbilt in France has been located in a historic building on one of the most picturesque streets in Aix, la rue Cardinale. In addition to basic coursework in French language, the Vanderbilt program is developing new emphases to respond to the geo-political realities of the 21st century. Spring term students will take their study tour in Tunisia, discovering the culture of North Africa while putting its strong influence on French culture into context.
Vanderbilt offers a rich program of excursions throughout the southern region, as well as options relating to academic work such as visits to museums in Paris. A special effort is made to enrich the cultural life of students through social experiences, supplementary courses in cuisine and oenology, and special events. The aim is to provide support to students as they move to linguistic and cultural competence.