The following is from the List of Recognized Programs and Providers.

Students are not restricted to the programs listed. Students wishing to participate on a program that does not appear on the List of Recognized Programs/Providers must petition for approval to participate on the program. Staff at the Buckman Center are able to explain the petition process.

Medieval Studies at Bard, Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary

Research areas for the Department of Medieval Studies include: social, cultural and religious history of medieval East-Central and Southeastern Europe including nobility; law collections; rulership; urban evolution; Jewish minorities; cultural heritage; historical-environmental studies; monastic culture; hagiography; patristic traditions; bio-archaeology; human nature interaction; economic history; crusades and military orders; material culture and everyday life.  CEU is an internationally recognized institution of higher education, serving as an advanced center of research and policy analysis and facilitating academic dialogue while preparing its graduates as the next generation of leaders and scholars. CEU seeks to contribute to the development of open societies in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union by promoting a system of education in which ideas are creatively, critically, and comparatively examined. Also, in response to the spreading democratization beyond Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the University has extended its outreach and financial aid program to other parts of the world experiencing emerging democracies.

DIS European Culture and History in Copenhagen, Denmark

DIS is an academically intense study program primarily for US students located in Copenhagen. Students choose from a number of semester, year, and summer programs in several fields of study.
The European Culture & History program is designed for students majoring in the humanities. By applying the themes of Memory and Identity to specific European cities, regions and/or countries, it will enable you to identify and classify major works of art and literature originating from the culture, provide an overview of the historical development of the region, require you to critique the contemporary life and culture through a comparative lens and first-hand observation, introduce you to current social trends and political climate

Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Oxford

The overall aim of CMRS is to provide each student with a rigorous training in particular disciplines within the context of a broad and well-balanced academic, cultural, and social life. Certain qualities are necessary if a student is to obtain maximum benefit from an education here: an enquiring mind, a critical approach to facts and, above all, a capacity for creative as well as analytical thought. In considering each individual applicant, the greatest importance is attached to recommendations from faculty members who have personal knowledge of his or her work.

University enrollment in UK and other universities through IFSA-Butler and Arcadia′s College of Global¬†Studies
Both programs offer enrollment in universities abroad with the opportunity to take courses from many departments.