International Studies


The following is from the List of Recognized Programs and Providers.

Students are not restricted to the programs listed. Students wishing to participate on a program that does not appear on the List of Recognized Programs/Providers must petition for approval to participate on the program. Staff at the Buckman Center are able to explain the petition process.

SIT Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans, Central Europe, Cyprus, Ireland, Korea, South Africa. Middle Eastern Studies in Middle East locations.

SIT programs use a field-based approach to achieve genuine cultural immersion. Each program is organized around a theme and includes intensive language study, home stays, thematic and field seminars an independent study project. SIT offers over 80 semester and summer programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East.
Programs with the theme of Conflict Studies include curriculums covering issues like Post-Conflict Transformation in Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia, Transformation of Social and Political Conflict in Ireland, Reconciliation and Development in South Africa, and other similar issues.

Bard, Central European University (CEU), Budapest, Hungary

CEU is an internationally recognized institution of higher education, serving as an advanced center of research and policy analysis and facilitating academic dialogue while preparing its graduates as the next generation of leaders and scholars. CEU seeks to contribute to the development of open societies in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union by promoting a system of education in which ideas are creatively, critically, and comparatively examined. Also, in response to the spreading democratization beyond Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the University has extended its outreach and financial aid program to other parts of the world experiencing emerging democracies.

IES, Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is a picturesque university and medieval cathedral town with a rich educational heritage. Now a modern, cosmopolitan city of 200,000 people, Freiburg′s skyline is still dominated by the famous gothic Münster (cathedral), and small streams (Bächle) dating from the Middle Ages still flow along the narrow streets in the city center. Though small enough that almost everything is within easy walking or biking distance, Freiburg is also large enough to offer a rich cultural life of its own. Located on the edge of the scenic Black Forest, an hour away from towering Alpine mountains, Freiburg is a year-round sports center. Close to France, Switzerland, and many interesting regions of Germany, Freiburg offers an ideal jumping off point for exploring Europe.


CIEE is a leading U.S. non-governmental international educational organization administering approximately 95 study abroad programs in 33 countries. You can use their advanced search to find programs within specific academic fields.

International Honors Program

IHP offers a unique set of theme-based, multi-country study abroad programs. Each program is designed to give students the opportunity to explore significant social, political, and environmental issues using an innovative comparative approach. The comparative approach allows students to contrast and analyze thematic issues on a global scale. It exposes students to a wide range of communities and perspectives, requiring students to question assumptions, suspend judgments, while inquiring deeply around the thematic areas.
On each of IHP′s study abroad programs, a relatively small group of students and faculty travel together to several different countries. The group will spend between four and eight weeks in each country while they examine issues related to the program theme. The exploration of the issues will involve direct contact and interaction with local experts, activists, educators, community members, public figures, and leaders of various government and community organizations.

University enrollment in UK and other universities through IFSA-Butler and Arcadia′s College of Global Studies

Both of these programs offer enrollment in many universities abroad with the opportunity to take courses in a variety of departments as offered by specific schools.