The following is from the List of Recognized Programs and Providers.

Students are not restricted to the programs listed.  Students wishing to participate on a program that does not appear on the List of Recognized Programs/Providers must petition for approval to participate on the program.  Staff at the Buckman Center are able to explain the petition process.

DIS Psychology and Child Development in Copenhagen, Denmark

DIS is an academically intense study program primarily for US students located in Copenhagen. Students choose from a number of semester, year, and summer programs in several fields of study.
The Psychology & Child Development program is designed for students majoring in psychology, child development, education, sociology, human development, social work, and related fields. It offers you

  • Reflective and analytical skills linking theory with practice through observation in Danish childhood and youth institutions and an interdisciplinary approach
  • Real-life insights into the complex issues of diversity, integration, and education
  • An understanding of the Danish philosophy and practice of working with children at risk or with special needs

IES in Rome, Italy

Rome is a living museum, a unique environment to understand the ups and downs in the history of mankind. Over three million people do their daily business surrounded by 2,500 years of history – including legendary ruins, architecture, and art.
The capital of Italy, Rome is the country′s political center and a major religious center, being the host to the Vatican – an independent state within Rome.
Studying abroad in Rome means learning from Rome and its Mediterranean pace of life – from the open markets to the sudden strikes, from the humorous Romans to the high politics of a European capital.

SIT in the Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Ireland, and Korea

SIT programs use a field-based approach to achieve genuine cultural immersion. Each program is organized around a theme and includes intensive language study, home stays, thematic and field seminars an independent study project. SIT offers over 80 semester and summer programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East.
Programs in countries listed above may be of particular interest to Psychology students.

University enrollment in U Sydney and Macquaire in Australia, Queens and UC Galway in Ireland, York in England, Essex, Aberdeen in Scotland, and Wales in Bangor through Arcadia′s College of Global Studies and IFSA- Butler

Both of these programs offer enrollment in universities around the world with the opportunity to take courses from many different departments including psychology. The universities listed above may be of particular interest to Psychology students.