The following is from the List of Recognized Programs and Providers.

Students are not restricted to the programs listed. Students wishing to participate on a program that does not appear on the List of Recognized Programs/Providers must petition for approval to participate on the program. Staff at the Buckman Center are able to explain the petition process.

Hamilton College in Madrid, Spain

The Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain was conceived in recognition of the continuing need and importance of extended study abroad. Through personal contact with the culture, language, ideals and customs of another nation, American students may escape the insularity and provincialism of their own environment. During this process, they may gain an intelligent perspective on international affairs and a respect for and an understanding of another people. In a world where dialogue and open communication are more necessary than ever before, study abroad continues to represent a significant means of acquiring tolerance toward others and fresh insights into the attitudes and institutions of one′s own country. The Hamilton College program has operated in recognition of the need for study arrangements in Spain whose academic standards are commensurate with those maintained by the finest American institutions. Although the program takes full advantage of the best facilities and teaching staff of the Spanish academic community, it brings to Spain the administrative procedures and pedagogical philosophy that have been employed so successfully at Hamilton.

SIT in Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Peru

SIT programs use a field-based approach to achieve genuine cultural immersion. Each program is organized around a theme and includes intensive language study, home stays, thematic and field seminars an independent study project. SIT offers over 80 semester and summer programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East.  Programs in Spanish-speaking countries offer concentrations in culture, education, public health, and many other issues.

St. Louis University - Madrid Campus

This program has been developed to offer undergraduates a study abroad experience for either one semester or one year. Students can choose from a wide range of courses and programs to create their own program of study, while fulfilling their home university’s requirements in Madrid.  Select courses are offered in Spanish and English.

University of Lima, Peru

Universidad de Lima is an autonomous non profit institution aimed at providing higher education, promoting research, and serving the community in order to contribute to the country’s development.
As an exchange student, you may take courses in any of their eight Colleges: Business Administration, Communications, Accounting, Law, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Psychology.

Universitas Nebrissensis, Spain (exchange)

For more than 15 years, Nebrija University has received students from all over the world who come to spend a period of their academic training with us. Every effort is made to integrate international students into daily university life. In the majority of programmes, they attend classes side-by-side with Spanish students. Students can take courses in their area of specialisation, design their own curriculum (taking courses of their choice), or take only courses in Spanish Language and Culture to enhance their level of Spanish. International students are students in their own right at Nebrija. They have access to all activities and general services (libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, etc.) and all extra-curricular activities as well.

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

The Universidad Iberoamericana welcomes international students for exchange from our partner universities or for independent study abroad stays. Studying outside one’s home country and university offers great opportunities for academic, intercultural, and personal growth.
The Universidad Iberoamericana has over 11,000 students including around 800 graduate students. There are approximately 2,000 faculty members which ensure that students benefit from personal attention. The language of instruction is Spanish. A Spanish Language and Latin American Culture Program runs each semester and during the six week summer program for those students who are in the process of acquiring Spanish proficiency.
University enrollment in Latin American or Spanish Universities through Butler IFSA, Arcadia CEA, IES, and CIEE
These programs offer enrollment in many universities abroad with the opportunity to take classes from a variety of departments. Many classes at the Latin American and Spanish universities will be taught in Spanish, allowing for you to build your language skills.

Middlebury in Spain

The C.V.Starr-Middlebury College School in Spain was founded in 1951 as a Graduate Program where Middlebury College Spanish School students could continue and finish their MA degree. As Middlebury College undergraduate students began to show interest in going abroad, the program was expanded to fulfill their needs. Today the School in Spain offers academic experiences at institutions in four different locations: Córdoba, Getafe (Madrid), Logroño, and Madrid.

Cross Cultural Study in Argentina

The mission of the Center for Cross-Cultural Study is to promote our students’ in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking countries through specifically designed and academically rigorous university-level and cultural travel programs. All of our students cross cultural boundaries to live as members of another culture and thus to learn about others as they learn about themselves.  CC-CS believes that a diverse student body enriches each individual experience by guiding students to learn about others as they learn about themselves. In accordance with our mission to encourage our students to cross cultural boundaries, CC-CS promotes equal opportunities within our programs and does not discriminate on the basis of an individual′s race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. We believe in educating students on cultural tolerance and sensitivity, acceptance of differences, inclusiveness, and how diversity is viewed in other cultures.