Elise Dudley



Major: Spanish and Latin American Studies
Studied Abroad: Argentine Literature and History, Art History of Latin American and Argentina, Geography of Tourism, Problematics of Latin America
Studied In: Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Elise Dudley, originally from Sewanee, Tennessee. I am a Senior double-majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies. My experiences abroad began in high school—I spent two consecutive summers staying with an amazing family in mountainous northern Spain. My most recent adventures abroad were in Argentina, where I spent five months living, exploring and studying in Buenos Aires, home to 13 million. I took five classes—mainly focusing on Argentine history and literature—at Universidad del Salvador, a smaller, private university in the heart of the city. The highlight of every week was my Geography of Tourism class. My professor would sing tango and folklore during class, take us on excursion around the city with a megaphone and was passionate about maps of Argentina.

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