Student Employees


Working in the international office is a great opportunity to help Rhodes students realize that they have an incredible opportunity to study abroad.  We not only assist the staff of the Buckman Center but also work with students in the initial stages of their study abroad experiences.  We help students pick out program brochures and give them advice on selecting programs, based on our experiences as past or preparing-to-be study abroad students, while addressing basic questions about the process of study abroad at Rhodes.  The best part of being a student worker is introducing other students to the wide variety of programs that are available to them.

We also organize and track the files of students who are currently or are planning to study abroad.  We compile Rhodes statistics, aid international students studying at Rhodes, participate in study abroad information sessions, advertise study abroad events, and help the staff and faculty with their administrative work.  It is great to be involved in the day to day running of the office and it’s exciting to see other students prepare to study abroad, too!

Burrow Hall, Lower Level
(901) 843-3403