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BIOFEEDBACK vol. 29(2)

The Newsletter of the Biology Department at Rhodes

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Rhodes College Biology Department "Then and Now", September 1998


Anna Kushnir ’14 received the award for Outstanding in Research in Biology

Carlos T. Huerta ’15 received the Award for Outstanding Research in Biology

Albert Vacheron ’17 and Maria Youself ’17 received the Award for Excellence in First-Year Biology

Kristen Wendt BMB’14 received the BMB Outstanding Research Award

Alix Matthews ENVS’14 received the Rhodes Early Career Award in Environmental Sciences and Studies

Madeline Carwile ’16 received the Rosanna Cappellato Memorial Award

Matthew Roberts NEURO’14 and Elizabeth Bigus NEURO’14 received the Outstanding Senior in Neuroscience Major

Caroline Elbaum NEURO’14 received the Hunter Award for Excellence in Neuroscience

Anna Kushnir ’14 was awarded Honorable Mention in National Russian Essay Contest Competition of the American Council of Teachers of Russian

Maggie Blake ’14 won 1st place poster in Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science

Aubrey Howard ’15 won 3rd place poster in Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science

Aubrey Howard ’15 received a Marc Dresden Student Travel Award to help defray the cost of his trip to New Orleans to present his research at the 2014 meeting of the American Society of Parasitologists

Carlos T Huerta ’15 received a Goldwater Scholarship

Carlos T. Huerta ’15 was selected into the American Society for Microbiology’s Undergraduate Research Capstone Program.  This award provides a two-year membership to ASM and $1500 for travel to the 2014 ASM Meeting in Boston

Carlos T.Huerta ’15 was recognized for his research participation in the St. Jude Summer Plus Program in the January issue of Cancer, the research journal published by the American Cancer Society

Stephen Leavelle ’14 won 2nd place talk in Organismal Biology at Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science

Braden Taylor ’15 received a travel award to the International Society for Cell Biology Meeting in New Orleans, LA

Kristen Wendt BMB’14 won 1st place talk in Health and Medical Sciences at the Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science

Alison Hanson ’15, Alix Matthews BMB’14 and Jackson Roberts ’14 won 1st place talk in Organismal Biology at the Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science

New Omicron Delta Kappa honor society members:

Maggie Blake ’14, Matt Cannavo BMB’15, Shelley Choudhury NEURO’15, Blake Harrell BMB’15, Jordan Infield BMB’14, Liz Karolczuk NEURO’14, Richard McGuire BMB’15, Taylor Sieben ENVS’15, Lauren Stokes BMB’14, Katherine Robinson BMB’15, Secretary


New Mortar Board Honor Society members:

Matthew Cannavo BMB’15, Shelley Choudhury NEURO’15, Kathryn Cyrus NEURO’15, Blake Harrell BMB’15, Alyssa Johnson NEURO’15, Sarah Johnson ’15, Katherine Robinson BMB’15


New Phi Beta Kappa society members

Elizabeth Bigus NEURO’14, Maggie Blake ’14, Noah Stephen Brown BMB’14, Mary Dubose ENVS’14, Caroline Elbaum NEURO’14, Anna Kushnir ’14, Stephen Leavelle ’14, Jake Magness ENVS’14, John Menz ’14, Roberta Moore ENVS’14, Matthew Sommers NEURO’14


Grants and Fellowhips

David Kabelik, Kim Gerecke, Rebecca Klatzkin, Mauricio Cafiero, and Katherine White:  Rhodes Neuroscience Summer Research Fellowship, $12, 274.

David Kabelik:  The Bold-Shy Continuum:  Neural Regulation of Social Behavior.  Faculty Development Endowment Grant, $5,000.

Mary Miller:  Understanding regulated cell division through genetic and biochemical one-on-one mentored independent project.  Rhodes College Cell Cycle Fellow, $4,341.46.



Miller M.  2014.  Budding Yeast for budding Geneticists:  A Primer on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Model System.  Genetics. 197:33-48; doi:10.1534/genetics. 114.163188.



Boyle S. Oral presentation: Pitheciid primates in fragmented habitats: land cover change and its implications for conservation. Society for Conservation GIS. Monterrey, CA (July 2014).

Howard A ‘15, Lipman M ‘16, Patel A ‘17, Pérez-Estigarribia P, de la Sancha N, Boyle S, Luque L. Oral presentation: Forest fragmentation’s effects on hemoparasites in small mammalian populations from Paraguay. American Society for Parasitologists. New Orleans, LA (July 2014).

Matthews, A ENVS’14, Ellis V, Hanson A’15, Roberts J’14 and Collins, MD.  Avian malaria in East Tennessee.  Association of Field Ornithologists and Wilson Ornithological Society.  Newport, Rhode Island, 2014.

Miller M.  Cell Cycle Defects Asociated with the Ruthenium Based Anti-Cancer agent KP1019. Hendrix College, AR.  February 13, 2014.


Western Collegiate Division Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, Memphis, TN. Saturday, April 11, 2015

Please join us in congratulating our Rhodes students on their presentations over the weekend at the Western Regional Meeting of Tennessee Academy of Science.


Rhodes College won three prizes for research talks as follows:


 Emily Hayward, Krystal Herline, Steve Finckbeiner, Christina Guibao, Jie Zheng: Expression and purification of active Bovine Morphogenetic Protein 4 (BMP4) for potential use as a novel anticancer therapeutic agent (1st place talk in Health & Medical Sciences)


Alisha Patel, Aubrey Howard, Monali Lipman, Patrick Leavey, Katherine Goebel, Pastor Perez, Noe de la Sancha, Sarah Boyle, and Laura Luque: Morphological characterization of hemoparasites from small mammals living in forest fragments in Paraguay (2nd  place talk Organismal Biology)


Madeline Carwile, Beth Roberts: Sexual behaviors of a female Sumatran tiger at the Memphis Zoo following Deslorelin implant (3rd place talk Organismal Biology)