Declaring A Major


Students wishing to declare a major in Biology may ask any professor in the department to serve as the major advisor.  Please be aware that faculty may need to decline taking on an additional advisee at any time due to a large advising load, an upcoming leave, or other reason.  In such a case, the student should seek a different advisor or consult the chair of the department.

  • Upon consultation with the advisor, the student must complete a declaration of major form.
  • As per the college requirement, prior to obtaining the approving signature of the major adviser, the student must submit electronically to the adviser a Major Essay. This essay should include a reflection of the student’s goals in pursuing the chosen major; possible links between the major coursework and other courses taken or to be taken; what areas of the major field represent the student’s greatest interests; and what other areas of the major will help the student to become more well-rounded in the major field.  The essay must be 300 words or less.
  • One copy of the signed declaration of major form must be submitted to the registrar.  A second copy of the declaration of major form along with the projected course schedule must be submitted to the Biology student advisor.