Transferring Credit


Department of Biology Transfer Credit Policy

The Biology Department will normally accept transfer credit from other institutions of learning for courses that may be used toward a biology major if 1) the institution is a 4 year accredited institution and 2) the course taken is offered through a Biology Department at the other institution as a part of a bachelor degree program. The department normally follows the general college policy for transfer credit for courses that can only satisfy elective credit toward graduation.

Note that Rhodes College policy does not allow transfer credit to satisfy Foundation Requirements.  Also, the College does not accept transfer credit for online courses.

Transfer credit for elective credit.

Human Anatomy & Physiology may be accepted as Biol 115/115L, 116/116L.

Biology courses not designated as courses that satisfy biology major requirements at other institutions may be accepted as Biol 099.


Transfer credit toward Biology I and/or II.


Introductory biology courses with labs designed for biology majors and specified as pre-requisites for upper level courses may be accepted as Biol 130/131, Biol 140/141.  If accepted for transfer, they will satisfy Rhodes biology major requirements and pre-requisites.


Transfer credit for upper-level courses will generally be awarded if the course meets the general criteria listed in the first paragraph above and is similar in scope and content to a course that is offered by the Rhodes Department of Biology. On occasion, courses which address specific interests of the student or which provide a special opportunity such as in foreign study will be accepted.  Normally four of the six courses used to satisfy upper level course requirements must be taken within the Biology Department at Rhodes.  This policy limits the number of courses students may transfer.



When you have identified the course you are seeking to take for transfer credit, email the Chair of the Department of Biology to make an appointment to consider approval for the course. In the email, please provide the Chair an explanation of your reason for seeking the transfer credit and what type of credit you need (e.g. upper level, intro biology, elective) and include a catalogue description of the course, a link to the catalogue entry for the course, and/or a course syllabus.  Once the Chair has indicated the course will be acceptable, obtain a transfer credit approval form , complete the form (do not fill out how the course may be credited in Biology – the Chair will do that) and meet with the Chair for a signature. Obtain the remaining signatures on the form and turn it in to Rhodes Express. NOTE: YOU MUST COMPLETE THE APPROVAL PROCESS PRIOR TO TAKING THE CLASS!