Beta Beta Beta


Beta Beta Beta (BBB) is the biological honor society for the Rhodes Biology Department. BBB has a two fold purpose here at Rhodes. The first is to provide a club where individuals with a shared interest in biology can get together, in a setting free of classroom pressures, and have a little social interaction and fun. The other purpose is that of an honor society. BBB is a national honor society and is dedicated to the enrichment of its members’ scientific experiences and to the sharing and dissemination of information gleaned from those experiences. It also provides a forum to recognize those students, with biology as their undergraduate major, who excel academically.

There are two forms of membership with the following requirements:

Associate Membership:

  • 1 completed course of a natural science class
  • An interest in biology
  • One time $20 initiation fee

Regular Membership:

  • Must be a Biology Undergraduate
  • 3 completed semesters of Biology at Rhodes
  • At least a "B" average in Biology at Rhodes
  • General good academic standing at the college
  • One time $30 initiation fee

Officers and Sponsor

  • 2013-2014 Officers:
    • President:  Kristen Wendt ′14
    • Vice President:  Maggie Klusman ′14
    • Secretary:  Lauren Stokes ′14
    • Treasurer:  Steven Leavelle ′14
    • Historian: 
  • Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Jabaily