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Recent Student Publications

Examples of recent student-authored papers and presentations:

Bonhert, K. A.* and R. Cappellato. Valuation of ecosystem services of Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee, Ecological Society of America, Memphis, TN August 2006.

Brown, T. C.*, V. Smith*, A. G. Teepe, T. W. Hill, and D. M. Loprete.  Complementation of a wall integrity defect in a mutant of Aspergillus nidulans.  13th Southeastern Regional Yeast Meeting, Hattiesburg, MS, March 2006.

Cook, R. E.* and M.E. Miller. Characterization of the MCS9 Suppressor of Mis-localized G1 Cyclin Cln3 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. South Eastern Regional Yeast Meeting.  2006. Hattiesburg, MS

Devitt, J. A.*, C. P. Fenster, and J. A. Blundon. Electrophysiological investigation of the effects of NI-16 on long term potentiation in mouse hippocampal slices. Tennessee Academy of Science, Memphis, TN, March 2005

Stratton, M.* The role of light and oxygen in Chaoborus pentipennis diel vertical migration. Tennessee Academy of Science, Memphis, TN, March 2006.

Other Recent published papers and presentations at meetings (pdf)
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Presentations given at URCAS (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium)

Past Student Research

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