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Recent Student Publications

Examples of recent student-authored papers and presentations:

Matthews, A ENVS’14, Ellis V, Hanson A’15, Roberts J’14 and Collins, MD.  Avian malaria in East Tennessee.  Association of Field Ornithologists and Wilson Ornithological Society.  Newport, Rhode Island, 2014.

DuBose ME ENVS’14Sieben T ENVS’14Menz J ’14Moore R ENVS’14Jabaily RS, Shepherd C and Boyle S.  Arboreal mapping of the Memphis Zoo.  

Blake M ’14. Adrenocorticoid activity in captive polar bears: relationship to reproductive and stress management. Dr. Katrina Knott, Memphis Zoo.  (Dr. Sarah Boyle)

Trycht, M ′16
, Videmsky A ′14. Avian malaria in South American bird communities.  (Dr. Michael  Collins)

Presentations given at URCAS (Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Symposium)

Past Student Research

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