Information Services Areas of Support

 Help Desk   843-3890 
 Reference Desk   843-3927  
 Media Center  843-3261  
 Computer Depot   843-3923   

Information Technology Services


 Name/Email Title  Phone 

Caley Foreman

Sr Desktop Specialist 843-3890
Sue Hall Programmer/Analyst 843-3890
Rose Ann Hicks Media Center Supervisor 843-3886
Lance Kimbrell Desktop Support Specialist 843-3890
Charlie Lemond Dir of Information Tech Srvcs 843-3890
Jermaine Pickens Application Specialist 843-3890
Stacy Pennington Assoc Database Analyst 843-3890
Richie Trenthem Assoc Dir for Sys
and Networks
Ed Trouy Network and
Computer Engineer
Joe Wack Multimedia Services Manager 843-3125
Doug Walker System Administrator 843-3890



Name/Email Title  Phone 
Darlene Brooks Director of Barret Library 843-3901
Rachel Feinman Catalog Librarian/Collection Development 843-3893
Amanda Ford Head of Circulation 843-3900
Andrew Grissom Circulation Supervisor 843-3900
Elizabeth Gates Archivist/Special Collections Librarian 843-3902
Phyllis Gregory Periodicals Manager 843-3916
Kevin Leslie Information Services Librarian 843-3842
Kenan Padgett Interlibrary Loan/Information Services Librarian 843-3770
Greg Paraham Information Services Librarian 843-3793
Bill Short Associate Director of Barret Library 843-3792
Janice Tankerslev Head of Cataloging 843-3891
Wendy Trenthem Information Services Librarian 843-3159


Information Services


Name/Email Title  Phone 
Dawn Cornies Director of Institutional Research 843-3066

Marci Hendrix

Administrative Assistant II 843-3745
Bob Johnson VP for Information Services 843-3745