Rhodes College Computer Requirements


Rhodes College is a wireless only campus.  All computers will need a wireless card to be able to get network access. (There are no wired network connections in the dorm rooms).  Printers are discouraged in the dorm rooms. Most printers have built-in wireless access that interferes with the Rhodes_Wireless network.  If you do have a printer with built-in wireless, please make sure the wireless is disabled and you are using a cable connected directly to your computer to print.   Each student is provided 1000 pages per school year of printing.   This can be used to print documents in Barret Library using one of the public computers in the library. 

We ask that each student brings an external hard to backup their files.  This prevents data loss in the event of a computer failure.  It is also helpful to have a USB thumb drive to store files on when working with public computers in the Barret Library.

Gaming Devices, Internet Connected TVs, Bluray players, and other streaming devices must support 802.1X WPA-Enterpise security to be able to connect to the wireless network.  This type of security requires you to enter your rhodes username\password to login.

Computer Requirements

Windows Computers
Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Office 2007 or later.

Mac Computers
Lion 10.7 OS or Later
Office 2011 or Later