Gifts to Barret


Gift Policy

The Library welcomes the donation of books and other materials in support of Rhodes College’s academic programs and mission of the College. The Library’s gift-in-kind policy is part of the Rhodes College Collection Development Policy. Due to the costs associated with processing, preserving and housing, the Library is unable to accept gifts that fall outside the scope of the collection policy. When a donation of materials is made for the collection it becomes the property of the Library, which will determine how to make best use of the materials both now and in the future. Gifts are added according to the same selection criteria as purchased materials.

General guidelines for acceptance:

General Collection - Books may be accepted for the circulating collections if they clearly support the curricular and research interests of students and faculty and fill existing gaps in the general collection.

Media (non-print) - Non-print materials that will contribute to Rhodes College’s curricular focus or interests of students and faculty are of particular interest.

Archives and Rare Books - Gifts of rare books and special collections materials, including archival/manuscript materials relating to the history of Rhodes College and to the intellectual interests of the College or that expand existing holdings in areas of special collection strength, are accepted.

The library does not accept the following categories of materials:

  • duplicates, and in most cases, earlier editions of materials already owned
  • lab manuals, textbooks, workbooks
  • outdated materials
  • materials in poor condition (highlighted, ink damaged, mold damaged)
  • academic journals and general interest magazines
  • music scores accessible on the internet
  • cassette tapes, software, and software manuals
  • preprints, offprints, photocopies
  • vanity press books
  • collections of journal articles
  • popular pamphlets, promotional materials
Ownership and disposition
Gifts accepted from a donor may not be added to the collection. Upon receipt, Rhodes College becomes the owner of the material and reserves the right to determine its retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to its use, maintenance, or removal. Gifts that are not added to the collection may be donated to other libraries, the Salvation Army, sold in a book sale, or sent to Better World Books or another similar organization.

Acknowledgement of gifts
Rhodes College Office of Development will provide a letter of acknowledgement for all gifts accepted by the library. The Library Director will also provide a letter of acknowledgement in the case of especially large or valuable gifts-in-kind. Letters of acknowledgement will generally list the number of volumes, not the specific titles donated. If the donor wishes, bookplates acknowledging the donor will be placed in gift materials added to the collection.

Procedure for donors
Before bringing or shipping gift materials to the library, the donor must contact a Barret Library representative. For large gifts a librarian may visit the home or office of the donor to review the collection as part of the process for determining the suitability of the items for the collection. Donors are expected to complete and sign one of the following forms: General Collections and Media Deed of Gift form [PDF], or an Archives and Rare Books Deed of Gift form [PDF]. The library will not accept gifts without a Deed of Gift signed by both parties.

To give a gift for the General Collections, contact:

Rachel Feinman (901) 843-3893

Janice Tankersley (901) 843-3891

To give a gift for Media Services, contact:

Rose Ann Hicks (901) 843-3886

To give a gift for Archives and Rare Books, contact:

Elizabeth Gates (901) 843-3902

Bill Short (901) 843-3792