Collection Development


A. Acquisition policy and strategy

  1. The Archivist will secure and retain any item of primary or evidential value to the College.
  2. The Archivist will collect two copies of publications created by or under the authority of the College.
  3. All forms of media are considered.
  4. Processing of the item will be as time permits.
  5. Use may be restricted until the item has been processed.
  6. Items offered to the Archives as gifts will be accepted and retained in accordance with the criteria in Section B.

B. Acceptance criteria (All decisions are at the discretion of the Archivist)

  1. Does the item detail the origins, structure, financial responsibilities, planning or policies of the College, a department/program or organization?
  2. Does the item document the rights of the College or its personnel?
  3. Does the item detail the personal information about an individual affiliated with the College. (student, alumni/ae, employee, trustee. etc.)
  4. Is the item duplicated elsewhere or maintained in another form?
  5. Does the item or series have an arrangement that must be maintained?
  6. Are there restrictions for public use?
  7. Will the item be of interest or value in the future?
  8. What is the physical condition of the item?

C. Pursuing Documents

  1. Documents are actively sought by the Archivist.
  2. The Archives should be on all departmental distribution lists.
  3. A list of needed items is published in the alumni newsletter as needed.

D. Disposal Procedure

  1. At the discretion of the Archivist, copies over the minimum of two needed for the collection may be discarded.
  2. A retention list for College publications is available
10/1989. Rev. 1995, 2000, 7/2011