Permission to Publish


In order to use archival material in publications, it is necessary to submit a request for "Permission to Publish." When material from the Rhodes Archives is to be quoted or reproduced for publication, a request for “Permission to Publish” must be submitted to the Archivist by email or by mail. Rhodes College reserves the right to refuse any request at the will of the College. Supplying a photocopy is not an authorization from the Archivist to use the material for publication.  Photocopies are provided for scholarship and research purposes only and may not be further reproduced.

The request must specify this information about the proposed publication:

  • the materials that will be reproduced;
  • working title;
  • publisher;
  • expected publication date; and
  • the media format.

Permission to publish must be given for each unique item and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Archives must be credited with being the source. Credits should be worded:

                     Rhodes College Archives and Special Collections, Memphis, TN

Unless stated otherwise, publication permission is for one-time nonexclusive use. 

When copyright is held outside Rhodes College, our permission to publish does not extend to that copyright. When possible, the Archivist will provide information about the copyright holder. The applicant accepts all responsibility for obtaining the required permission from the copyright holder.

Rhodes College retains all rights to the materials, and they may not be used for any purpose other then what is listed in the permission to publish agreement. Images may not be altered in any way without written consent.

1996, Rev. 2011