Charles Campbell Hersman


Charles Campbell Hersman, D.D.


Charles Campbell Hersman was born in Kentucky and was valedictorian in 1860 of his class at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. He was Principal of Theological Seminary 1863 and professor of Greek at Westminster College from 1864 to 1881. He served as president of Westminster from 1877 to 1887. He focused on improving the appearance of the SPU buildings and grounds, having 300 trees planted on the back campus. In 1891, after three years as Chancellor, Dr. Hersman moved to Columbia Theological Seminary in South Carolina as professor of Hebrew and New Testament Greek. [Source: A Great Small College, p. 69, 163, 187; Westminster College: An Informal History, p. 67; Ministerial Directory by Edgar Sutton Robinson, 1898]