Former College Presidents


Beyond all doubt, the 150-year history of Rhodes College must be seen as the long shadows of several great men. Surely a benevolent Being watched over this school and sent to it, at the times they were need most, a series of leaders who preserved it, nourished it, and shaped it into what it is today. Of special note are six leaders of this college, three from the nineteenth century (Stewart, Shearer, and Waddel) and three from the twentieth (Diehl, Rhodes, and Daughdrill), whose efforts kept this institution alive or substantially changed its path for the better.

As different as they were, these men shared a commonality of vision, determination, and dedication to Christian education. Without them, there is a strong likelihood this college would not now exist, certainly not in the way that we know it. 

* denotes acting president

Text modified from Rhodes 150: A Sesquincentennial Yearbook. © 1998 by Rhodes College.