Honorary Degree Recipients


A list of the most recent recipients of honorary degrees from Rhodes College can be found below. Download the complete list for more information on recipients from 1879 to present.

Recipient   Year Doctor of 
 Niehhuis, Arthur W.  2000  Science
 Mitchener, Frank M., Jr.  2000  Humanities
 Thomas, James A., III  2000  Humanities
 Barksdale, James L.  2000  Humanities
 Massey, Walter E.  2000  Science
 Stanley, Peter  2001  Humanities
 Swinney, Harry L.  2002  Science 
 Alexander, Lamar  2005  Humanities
 Johnson, Carol  2005  Humanities
 Churchill, John Hugh  2006  Humanities
 Strickland, Sidney  2006  Science
 Kopp, Wendy S.  2007  Humanities
 Hooks, Benjamin L.  2008  Humanities
 Wilson, Spence L.  2009  Humanities
 Harris, Charlaine  2010  Humanities
 Wharton, A.C.  2010  Humanities
 Fowler, Cary  2011  Science