Contact Us:

William M. Short

College Archivist and Special Collections Librarian

Located in Room 130 on the first floor of the Barret Library

Tel.: (901) 843-3902

Elizabeth E. Gates, Archivist assistant (retired)


Current Student Workers                                                                                                       

Taylor Jackson, Class of 2015, Document RSA, 2013-2015

Lees Romano, Class of 2016, Digital RSA, 2014-

Douglas A. Fetterman, Class of 2016, Special Collections, RSA, 2012-

Matt Moore, Class of 2015,  A&SPC assistant, 2014-2015



The items in the Archives and Special Collections are arranged in groups by format to facilitate storage. There are series of documents, audio and video materials, photographs, books, and memorabilia. We are in the process of using Archon to create a database which will list items that are not currently searchable in the Rhodes College Online Catalog. Until this database is available, the card file and Microsoft Excel lists located in the Archives will continue to serve as the Collections’ primary finding aids.

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