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William M. Short

College Archivist and Special Collections Librarian

Located in Room 130 on the first floor of the Barret Library

Tel.: (901) 843-3902

Elizabeth E. Gates, Archivist assistant (retired)


Current Student Workers                                                                                                       

Taylor Jackson, Class of 2015, Document RSA, 2013-2015

Lees Romano, Class of 2016, Digital RSA, 2014-

Douglas A. Fetterman, Class of 2016, Special Collections, RSA, 2012-

Matt Moore, Class of 2015,  A&SPC assistant, 2014-2015

About the Rhodes College Archives


The Paul Barret, Jr. Library As the institutional memory of Rhodes College, the Archives collects, preserves, arranges, and describes records of permanent value from its founding in 1848 to the present. This collection includes administrative records from the offices of the president, deans and other college officials, as well as records of the college staff, faculty, student organizations, athletics and alumni. The Registrar′s Office maintains student transcripts. 

The Archives also contains all available copies of College publications including yearbooks, the college catalogue, the student newspaper, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, scrapbooks, memorabilia, and similar material. An extensive photograph collection documents administrators, staff, faculty, students, alumni, athletic teams, student activities, the campus, and college life in general. There is also a collection of audio visual material documenting theatrical plays, lectures, and other events. 

The Special Collections consists of the College′s rare book collection, The Rhodes Collection, manuscripts and personal papers, and graphics material. Noted collections include the Richard Halliburton collection, the Irma Sternberg Overton Park Papers, the Farnsworth Shakespeare Print Collection, and the Robertson Topp Papers.

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