Accessing Resources from Off Campus


Rhodes maintains a relay server that enables students and faculty to access online resources (databases, e-books, and electronic journals) from off-campus.

Most links to the online resources on our website include a prefix that routes the traffic through our relay server.

If you are off-campus, the first time in your user session that you click on such a link, you will be prompted for your Rhodes network username and password.  Once you are authenticated, you will be able to use the electronic resource just as if you were on-campus.

You must go through the Barret Library website to access our electronic resources because we have made a special effort to ensure that our links accommodate off-campus users. Links on pages other than  those on the Barret website may result in an unauthorized user error or you may be asked for a database-specific username and password.

If this happens, search the name of the electronic resource on the Barret Library homepage or in the Online Catalog – to access it from off-campus.

If you continue to have problems accessing the resource, Ask Us!