Books and Materials Rhodes Does Not Own


There may be times when you cannot find the materials you need in Barret Library. 

After checking our Online Catalog to make sure that we really don’t have it you can search for it in Worldcat.

Worldcat includes the holdings of libraries around the world!  By checking the Libraries Worldwide link in the search results list, you will get a list of all the libraries that have the item you are looking for. Tennessee libraries that own the item will be listed first.

In the example below, a Worldcat search is done for a book title Oral History Interview with Fred L. Hutchins (the word "with" and the middle initial were excluded as search terms):

Other catalogs 

Worldcat displays an entry where 1 library worldwide owns the book. Note the green Memphis Area Libraries label that indicates at least one local library owns the book. Clicking the Libraries Worldwide... link will show the library name.

Other catalogs

Tennessee libraries sort to the top of the list by default, and Memphis Public Library owns the book.

Other catalogs

Rhodes students (with a current Rhodes ID) may check out materials from the following libraries:

  • Memphis Public Library
  • University of Memphis McWherter Library
  • Christian Brothers University
  • LeMoyne-Owen College
  • Memphis College of Art
  • Memphis Theological Seminary
  • Victory University (formerly Crichton College)
  • Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

If any of these libraries own the item you need, call ahead to verify that it′s available and visit the library to check out the item. It cannot be ordered through Interlibrary Loan.

If you cannot find a Memphis library that owns the item, then Interlibrary Loan (login required) is an option. Please plan ahead since it does take some time to request and receive materials from other libraries.

Consortium Borrowers: Through consortium agreements, Barret Library extends borrowing privileges to current students and faculty from the following institutions: University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University, LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis College of Art, Memphis Theological Seminary, Crichton College, and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.