Electronic Books


Barret Library provides access to over 58,000 electronic books (eBooks). These are digital versions of printed books to which students and faculty have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each eBook is listed in the Library′s Online Catalog. Search results will include catalog records with an Electronic Book indicator as well as a link to the eBook.

The illustration below shows an ELECTRONIC BOOK - AVAILABLE ONLINE. Clicking on the URL in the lower right hand corner will link to the eBook page of at one of our electronic resources providers. Most items are available through CREDOreference, Oxford Reference Online, and EBSCOhost (our largest provider).


Examples of eBook pages:

The eBook Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary from CREDOreference:

A Dictionary of Contemporary History from Oxford Reference

The Communication Problem Solver from EBSCOhost


Can I print or copy text from an eBook?

This depends on the online provider. Printing is restricted for some eBooks. Most allow copying of small selections or printing single pages, just as you can with print material. Full-text eBooks are protected by copyright laws subject to the terms and conditions of fair use.