Searching the Online Catalog


The Rhodes Online Library Catalog enables you to determine what material is owned by Rhodes College.  Use the catalog to locate books, periodicals, music scores, maps, manuscripts, audio-visual materials, and microforms on campus. (The catalog doesn′t include articles in journals or newspapers. Instead, use Serial Solutions 360 Search to locate specific articles.)

The online catalog gives the call number and the status of items in which you are interested.

How do I do a quick search of the Online Catalog?

Various pages on the Barret Library website link directly to the Rhodes Online Library Catalog.  The default catalog screen is illustrated here.

Rhodes College Online Catalog

Type the search words in the search box - an author, title or keyword.

Select the field that you want to search from the pull down menu:

  • words or phrase
  • author
  • subject
  • title
  • periodical title
  • series

Click the Search button.

How do I do an advanced search of the Online Catalog?

To do an advanced search, follow any of the links to the Rhodes Online Library Catalog from the Rhodes website.  A search window will display:

Rhodes College Online Catalog

Click on the Advanced Search link in search form. This search form will appear:

Rhodes College Online Catalog

Additional guidance on using the library catalog is available by clicking on the Help link at the lower left corner of any page in the Online Catalog.

 Rhodes College Online Catalog