Information for Students


The Department of Art and Art History offers to the student, regardless of experience or major, the opportunity to develop a sensitivity to visual language through studio work and the study of the history of art. The department requires a balanced program in studio and art history that may be augmented to suit particular student interests and needs.

The offerings in the history of art are designed to help the student develop the skills of analytical thinking about art; to understand the processes by which art is made, the ideas guiding its production, and the patterns of its consumption within both its historical and subsequent contexts; to develop visual literacy through the recognition of various languages of world art; and to respond critically to their ideological implications. Specialized topics in the history of art may be undertaken by means of directed inquiries.

Studio courses are designed to train students in the conception and production of art; to master fundamental skills necessary for the successful execution of work in various media (including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and architectural design); and to investigate, through studio practice, processes, themes, and materials in light of their historical and contemporary connotations.

Opportunities for Special Study

Through a consortium arrangement, full-time students may take studio courses at the Memphis College of Art for full credit without payment of additional tuition. Students may also earn 3-6 credits through Rhodes′ European Studies Program. Internships in museum methods are possible through an arrangement with the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, and other local institutions, where students earn credit in museum methods by working alongside professionals in the field. The Memphis College of Art and the Brooks Museum, both near the campus, along with other educational institutions, galleries, and theatres in the Memphis area, offer a rich variety of exhibitions and films to students throughout the year. 

Guidelines for Art and Art History Majors Returning from European Studies

Interdisciplinary Programs

The College offers a number of interdisciplinary programs which draw on faculty from several departments. Students interested in pursuing studies in art have the opportunity to complete minors in American Studies and/or Film Studies, as well as a major in Urban Studies. For further information on interdisciplinary programs at Rhodes, see the section on Interdisciplinary Study in the college catalogue.