Distinguished Lecturers Of The Lillian And Morrie Moss Endowment For The Visual Arts And James F. Ruffin Lecture Series


All lecturers appeared courtesy of the Moss Endowment for the Visual Arts, except those noted as Ruffin Lecturers.


Robert Hughes - Art Critic, TIME Magazine

Robert Stern -  Director of Columbia University’s Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture

John B. Jackson - Former Harvard and University of California, Berkeley professor, founder of Studies in History of the American landscape

Patricia Hills - Professor of Art History, Boston University, adjunct Curator of Whitney Museum of American Art

Jessie Poesch - Professor of American Art, Tulane University


Peter Draper - Lecturer in the History of Art at Birbeck College, London

William L. MacDonald - Architectural Historian

John Wilmerding -  Deputy Director, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.

Thomas Garnet Henry James - Keeper of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum

Cornelius Vermeule, III - Curator of Classical Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Fabrizio Mancinelli - Director of Restoration for the Sistine Chapel, The Vatican

Vincent Scully - Professor of Art History, Yale University

E. J. Johnson  - Professor of Art History, Williams College


Franklin Kelly  - Curator, American Art, National Gallery of Art

William H. Gerdts - Director, Graduate Program in Art History, City University of New York

Grace Glueck - Art News Editor, The New York Times


Sherman E. Lee - Director Emeritus, the Cleveland Museum of Art, adjunct Professor of Art, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Ralph Lieberman - Visiting Lecturer, Williams College

Thomas Armstrong, III - Whitney Museum of Art

Senator Claiborne Pell - U. S. Senator, Rhode Island, principal sponsor of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities


Gerald Norland - Former Director, Washington Gallery of Art, San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Milwaukee Art Museum

Leo Steinberg - Benjamin Franklin Professor of the History of Art, University of Pennsylvania

E. J. Johnson - Professor of Art History, Williams College


Irving Lavin - Professor of Art History, The Institute for Advanced Study

Walter Denny - Professor of Art History, University of Massachusetts

Michael Fried  - Professor of Humanities and the History of Art, The Johns Hopkins University


Linda Nochlin - Robert Lehman Professor of Art History, Yale University

Wanda Corn - The Anthony Meier Family Professor of Art History, Stanford University

Keith Christiansen - Jayne Wrightsman Curator, European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Donald Kuspit - Professor of Art History and Philosophy, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Richard Wattenmaker - Director, Archives of American Art, The Smithsonian Institution

Robert Storr - Curator of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art


Anne Wagner - Chair, Department of Art, University of California, Berkeley

Faith Ringgold - Artist, author, Professor of Art, University of California, San Diego


Peter Saul - Painter and professor, University of Texas

Kathleen Brandt - Professor of Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; Consultant for Renaissance Art, The Vatican Museums


Janine Antoni - Conceptual artist

Mel Chin - Sculptor, conceptual and installation artist


Ann Gibson - Professor of Art, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Fred Wilson - Installation Artist


Malcolm Warner  - Curator of Painting and Sculpture, Yale Center for British Art

Paul Crossley  - Professor of Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London

Joan Crossley - Professor of Art History, University of Leicester

Marvin Trachtenberg - Professor of Art and Architectural History, New York University Institute of Fine Art


Paul Goldberger - Architecture Critic, The New Yorker

James Elkins - Artist, Art Critic, Art Historian, Art Institute of Chicago


Harold Cohen - Artist, Senior Research Professor, University of California at San Diego

Caroline Jones - Art Historian, Boston University

Gary Radke – Professor of Art History, Syracuse University


Bruce Boucher - Professor of the History of Art, University College, University of London


Nikki Lee – Photograher, New York City

Patricia Leighton and Mark Antliff – Professors of Art History, Duke University

John R. Clarke (Ruffin Lecturer) – Annie Laurie Howard Regents Professor of Art History at the University of Texas, Austin     


Romanino Symposium (with Memphis Brooks Museum of Art)

  • Victor Coonin, Art Historian, Rhodes College
  • Scott Montgomery, Art Historian, University of Denver
  • Gary Radke, Art Historian, Syracuse University
  • Cynthia Stollhans, Art Historian, St. Louis University
  • Gina Strumwasser, Art Historian, California Sate University, Fresno
  • Alessandro Nova,  Art Historian, Goethe Institute, Frankfurt

Elizabeth McGowan (Ruffin Lecturer) – Associate Professor of Art, Williams College


Harell Fletcher/Learning to Love You More – Artists Collaborative, New York City

Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (Ruffin Lecturer) – Director of the British School at Rome and Professor of Classics, Reading University


Wendy Edwards and Jerry Mishack -  Painter and Art Professor, Brown University and Sculptor and Instructor, Rhode Island School of Design

Dennis Congdon – Painter, Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and Instructor, Rhode Island School of Design

Eve D’Ambra (Ruffin Lecturer) – Chair, Art Department, Vassar College


Bruce Cole – Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities

Henry Luttikhuizen – Professor of Art History, Calvin College

Eleanor Winsor Leach (Ruffin Lecturer) – Ruth N. Hall Professor of Classical Studies, Indiana University at Bloomington


Laura Splan – Mixed Media Artist, New York City

James Yood – Art Critic/Historian, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Michael Lobel - Director, MA Program in Modern and Contemporary Art, Criticism and Theory, Purchase College, State University of New York

Michael Padgett (Ruffin Lecturer) - Curator of ancient Art at the Art Museum of Princeton University


Randall Griffin - Professor of Art History, Southern Methodist University

John Bisbee - Sculptor, Lecturer in Art, Bowdoin College

Joe Becherer - Director and Curator of Sculpture, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Estelle Lingo (Ruffin Lecturer) - Associate Professor of 17th and 18th Century European Art, University of Washington, Seattle

Stuart Lingo - Associate Professor of Italian Art of the 14th - 16th Centuries, University of Washington, Seattle


Elliott Hundley - Artist, Los Angeles

Muffie Meyer and Ronald Blumer - Dcoumentary Film Makers

2011 - 2012

Ena Heller - Director of MOBIA (Museum of Biblical Art)

Bettina Bergmann (Ruffin Lecturer)  - Professor of Art History, Mt. Holyoke College

Eric Okdeh  - Muralist and
Noni Clemens -  Administrative Manager, Philadelphia Mural Arts, Art Education Department 

2012 - 2013

Steven Schlozman, MD - Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and
Lecturer in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Melody Barnett Deusner - Assistant Professor of Art History, Indiana University at Bloomington

Donna Nelson - Artist, New York

Steve Tuck (Ruffin Lecturer) - Assistant Professor of Classics, Miami University of Ohio

2013 - 2014

Kelley DiDio - Associate Professor of Art History, University of Vermont

Anthony Tuck (Ruffin Lecturer) - Associate Professor of Classics, University of Massachuesetts, Amherst

Noriko Ambe - Artist, New York

2014 - 2015

Victor Coonin - Associate Professor of Art History, Rhodes College

Catherine Morris - Sackler Family Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, New York