Senior Overnight Experience


Senior Overnight Experience

The Senior Overnight is for high school seniors who would like to experience Rhodes outside the normal campus visit.  During your stay, you will be hosted by one of our current students in the residence halls.  The Senior Overnight Experience will provide the opportunity to explore Rhodes outside the classroom, including eating in the dining hall, spending time with students, and participating in campus life. 

Scheduling your visit

Most students like to stay with us the evening before the day they do a campus tour.  You may schedule a Senior Overnight Experience by visting our campus visit calender and registering for an overnight visit.  You may also call our campus visit coordinators at 901-843-3700 or email at for additional assistance.

Before Your Stay on Campus

You will hear from the Rhodes student who will be hosting you about 24 hours in advance of your stay.  The host will provide an air mattress, but we recommend that you bring a pillow, sleeping bag and towel.  Do not forget to complete the health forms and waiver before you arrive to campus.