What to Do If You’ve Been Deferred


Early Action Deferral – What Does It Mean?

Applications that are deferred will be fully reconsidered when admission decisions are made for the Regular Decision candidates.  Normally the credentials of deferred applicants are such that we would like to see fall semester (or second trimester) grades and/or additional SAT or ACT scores, if available. 

Being deferred is not an indication that the student will not be accepted to the college.  In the opinion of the admissions staff, deferred students have the ability to be successful at Rhodes but have one or two areas of weakness that need to be explored further before an admission decision can be made. With updated and improved grades or improved scores, the students chances of being admitted can be enhanced. 

Below are some suggestions for deferred applicants that may improve their chances of being admitted:

  1. Send Senior Grades
    When a student applies Early Action, Rhodes does not see the first semester grades from the student’s senior year.  A positive grade trend in the senior year can improve the chance of admission.  The school guidance counselor or college counselor should send the Midyear Report if they have not done so already.
  2. Submit Improved SAT and/or ACT Scores
    Check standardized test scores and compare them with the profile of the first-year class. If the scores are below the mid-50% range (26-30 ACT, 1210-1370 SAT), improved scores could help when the application is reconsidered.
  3. Schedule a Visit to Campus
    Demonstrated interest is an important factor in the admission decision.  A visit to campus (or a second visit) shows a real commitment to Rhodes. Meeting with an admissions representative can help explain any low grades and helps give context to the decision that will be made during Regular Decision.
  4. Keep in Touch
    Stay in touch with the admissions office throughout the semester. Any additional achievements or notes can be added to the application file and may make a difference when the admission decision is made during Regular Decision.
  5. When Will I Hear?
    Students who were deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision will be mailed their admission decision by April 1.