Corporation and Board of Trustees




William J. Michaelcheck, Chair.

Susan E. Brown, Vice Chair.

Arthur W. Rollins, Secretary.

William E. Troutt, President, ex officio.

James N. Augustine, Jr. B.A. Germantown, Tennessee. Stifel Financial, COO of Fixed Income Division.

Michelle B. Babcock. B.A. Wilson, Wyoming. Founder and President of Equipoise Fund.

James H. Barton. A.B., J.D. Memphis, Tennessee. President and Treasurer, Barton Group, Inc.

Susan E. Brown. B.A., M.B.A. Dallas, Texas. Director of the Harry and Louise Brown Foundation.

John H. Bryan III. B.A. Nashville, Tennessee. President of Savannah Food Company.

C. Williams Butler III. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. Retired. First Vice-President and Manager of the Commodity-International Division of National Bank of Commerce.

Deborah Legg Craddock. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. Vice President of Trading, Southeastern Asset Management, Inc.

Rogers L. Crain. B.A., J.D. Houston, Texas. Attorney, R. Lacy Services, Ltd.

Margaret Thomas Crosby. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee.

Laila Adams Eckels. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee.

William E. Evans. B.Sc., Pharm.D. Memphis, Tennessee. Director and CEO of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Maria Farahani. B.A.. Austin, Texas. Co-owner of Faracafe Coffee Company.

Daniel B. Hatzenbuehler. B.A., J.D. Memphis, Tennessee. Chairman and CEO of E. Ritter and Company.

Wilton D. Hill. B.S. Memphis, Tennessee. WDH Holdings LLC.

J.L. Jerden. B.A., M.B.A. Atlanta, Georgia. Retired Chairman, Pritchard and Jerden, Inc.

W. Ralph Jones III. B.A. Humboldt, Tennessee. President and Chief Executive Officer, Jones Companies Ltd.

Steven R. Lainoff. B.A., L.L.M., J.D. McLean, Virginia. Principal-in-Charge, KPMG LLP’s Washington National Tax Practice.

Phillip H. McNeill, Sr. B.S., J.D. Memphis, Tennessee. Former Chairman of the Board, Equity Inns, Inc. and president of McNeill Commercial Real Estate LLC.

William J. Michaelcheck. B.A., M.B.A. New York, New York. Chairman, Mariner Investment Group, Inc.

Johnny B. Moore, Jr. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. President and CEO of SunTrust Bank.

Elizabeth R. Pearce. B.A., M.B.A. Atlanta, Georgia. Associate Campaign Director, Coxe Curry and Associates.

Randall R. Rhea. B.A., M.D. Roanoke, Virginia. Managing Partner at Carilion Family Medicine-Parkway Physicians.

Charles W. Robertson, Jr. B.S. PhD. Rockland, Delaware. Chief Technical Consultant for NanoDrop Technologies, LLC.

Arthur W. Rollins. B.A. Atlanta, Georgia. First Vice President, Merrill Lynch.

Ali Saberioon. B.S., M.S. Houston, Texas. President and CEO, Sabco Oil and Gas Corporation.

W. Reid Sanders. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. Retired Executive Vice President, Southeastern Asset Management, President of Sanders Investment Company and Sanders Properties.

Robert Waller. M.D. Memphis, Tennessee. President Emeritus and CEO of the Mayo Clinic.

Spence L. Wilson. B.A., M.B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. President, Kemmons Wilson, Inc.

Steven E. Wynne. B.A., J.D. Portland, Oregon. Private Investor.


Dunbar Abston, Jr. A.B., M.B.A., M.Phil. Memphis, Tennessee. President and owner, Tract-O-Land Plantation and Abston Management Company; Partner, Abston Farms and AbstonNorfleet Realty Company.

Bruce E. Campbell, Jr. B.A., M.B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman Emeritus of the Board, National Commerce Bancorporation.

Kenneth F. Clark, Jr. B.A., M.B.A., LL.B. Memphis, Tennessee. Counsel, Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs.

J. Lester Crain, Jr. B.A., LL.B. Memphis, Tennessee. Private Investor.

Lewis Donelson. B.A., LL.B. Memphis, Tennessee. Founder and Senior Partner, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell and Berkowitz, P.C.

C. Stratton Hill, Jr. M.D. Houston, TX. Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of Texas.

W. Neely Mallory, Jr. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. President and Chief Executive Officer, The Mallory Group Inc.; Managing Partner, Mallory Farms and chairman of EWR.

John B. Maxwell, Jr. B.A., J.D. Memphis, Tennessee. Former Counsel, Apperson, Crump, Duzane and Maxwell.

Frank M. Mitchener, Jr. B.S. Sumner, Mississippi. President, Mitchener Planting Company.

Wayne W. Pyeatt. B.S. Memphis, Tennessee. Chairman Emeritus of the Board and President of National Bank of Commerce.

Elizabeth LeMaster Simpson. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee.

Alvin W. Wunderlich, Jr. B.A. Memphis, Tennessee. Chairman Emeritus of the Board, National Trust Life Insurance Company.


William J. Michaelcheck, Chair

Susan E. Brown, Vice Chair

Arthur W. Rollins, Secretary

William E. Troutt, President of the College, ex officio

James N. Augustine, Jr.

Deborah L. Craddock

John Bryan III

Wilton D. Hill

Steven R. Lainoff

Randall R. Rhea

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