Physical Education


Physical Education classes are offered each semester for students who wish to take courses to fulfill degree requirements and for their own growth, development, and pleasure. Courses are taught for seven weeks (one-half of a semester), and all classes are open to both men and women. Courses offered during the first seven weeks of the semester are numbered in the 100s, and courses numbered in the 200s are offered during the second seven weeks of the semester.

Three half-semester courses of Physical Education are required for graduation under Foundation 12. These courses carry no academic credit and are graded on a pass-withdraw basis. For each successfully completed, full-semester course in one of the ROTC programs, a student will be credited with one course of the Physical Education degree requirement of three courses.

Physical Education courses for which proper registration is not made will not be credited to a student’s record retroactively. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that he or she is properly registered for the course during the semester in which it is taken.

Course Offerings

100/200. Varsity Sports.

Fall, Spring.

101/201. Club Sports.

Fall, Spring.

103/203. Tennis.

Fall, Spring.

Basic instruction on the forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, rules, and etiquette. Open to all skill levels.

107/207. Golf.

Fall, Spring.

Basic instruction on grip, swing, rules, and etiquette. Open to all skill levels.

120/220. Squash.

Fall, Spring.

Basic instruction on forehand, backhand, serve, rules, and etiquette. Open to all skill levels.

121/221. Racquetball.

Fall, Spring.

Instruction in basic skills and scoring.

125/225. Swimming.

Fall, Spring.

A self- paced program open to all levels.

131/231. Scuba Diving.

Fall, Spring.

Instruction in the basic skills and techniques of scuba diving, leading to certification. Extra activity fee required. Course held off campus.

154/254. Weight Lifting.

Fall, Spring.

Instruction in the proper use of weight training equipment.

157/257. Run for Fun.

Fall, Spring.

A monitored program of jogging for all levels of conditioning.

174/274. Aerobics.

Fall, Spring.

Low impact, step, and circuit training.

175/176. Wing Chun.

Fall, Spring.

A hard style form of martial arts with emphasis on straight line kicks, punches, and circular trapping.

176/276. Tai Chi.

Fall, Spring.

A soft martial art that focuses on the integration of the mind and body through progressive exercises and movements.

177/277. Karate/Self Defense.

Fall, Spring.

Instruction in basic kicking, punching, katas (forms) and self-defense techniques. Open to all levels and belt testing is optional.

178/278. Kickboxing.

Fall, Spring.

A controlled sparring class with an overall workout through kicks, knee strikes, punches, elbow strikes and fighting combinations. Open to all levels.

179/279. Aikido.

Fall, Spring.

Emphasis on the neutralization of aggression through body movement, throws, and joint locks. Open to all levels.

180/280. Yoga.

Fall, Spring.

Gentle, yet systematic stretching and relaxation techniques for the entire body. Open to all levels.

185/285. Ballet.

Fall, Spring.

Open to all levels.

191/291. Meditation and Stress Reduction.

Fall, Spring.

192/292, Reducing Assault Risks

Fall, Spring

Instruction on reducing assault risks by awareness training and physical counter strikes.

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