The cost of an education at Rhodes is of concern to students, their families, and to the College. Rhodes has been able to hold charges for tuition, room, and board to about 75% of the total cost of a student’s education. The College’s success in annual fundraising and the substantial income derived from the endowment have enabled Rhodes to hold costs below those at many comparable colleges. The tuition charge includes some services in the College Health Services Center, admission to athletic events, and a wide range of activities sponsored by academic departments or the College at large. The student activity fee supports student publications and student organizations, as well as many College-sponsored social activities which are held throughout the year. A summary of costs for the 2014-2015 academic year is listed below; students should bear in mind that charges for textbooks and supplies are not included.

The regular college plan provides for payment of tuition, room and board in two installments. The payment for the Fall Semester is due August 9th, and the payment for the Spring Semester is due November 22nd. Students are billed less deposits already made.

If monthly payments are preferred by parents and/or guardians, Rhodes allows such payments through one agency: Tuition Management Systems (1-800-356-8329, www.afford.com/rhodes). Information on the various plans offered by TMS will be mailed to all parents well before the first payment is due. If a monthly plan is chosen, arrangements should be made prior to the date the first payment is due. The College has also made arrangements with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. to offer a tuition refund plan to Rhodes parents that will provide a refund in case of illness or accident causing the student to withdraw before the semester is completed. Information concerning the tuition refund plan that details the protection provided and cost of the coverage will be provided to parents before the first payment is due.

Regulations Regarding Billing and Payment

A bill for the tuition charge along with applicable room and board and other charges will be sent electronically before each due date to the student and those whom the student has set up as authorized payers in the QuikPay billing and payment system. Unless prior arrangements acceptable to the Bursar of the College are made, a student’s account not paid in full at the due date will be regarded as delinquent. A student whose account is delinquent will be denied the privileges of registration, attending classes, obtaining academic transcripts, using College facilities, or being admitted to graduation.

Students may enroll in courses totaling nineteen credits in each semester. The student desiring to take more than a normal academic load during a semester should consult the section of the catalogue on “Registration” appearing under “Academic Regulations.” A student who enrolls in more than nineteen credits in a semester must pay the extra credit fee even if the student eventually withdraws from the overload credit.

First-year students and sophomores are required to live on campus the full academic year.

Once a student moves into a residence hall room, room and board charges for the full semester are due and payable on the student’s account. Even if the student moves out of the room during the semester, the full room and board charges for that semester remain due on the student’s account. Because of the high demand for College housing, the student who is not withdrawing from Rhodes and is a resident only in the Fall Semester will be fined $500 if he/she is not moved out of the room by the day after the last final examination of the Fall Semester.

Students living in the residence halls are required to choose either the 15 meals per week dining plan or the 21 meals per week dining plan. Students living in the East Village resident hall or the Flats at Cotton Council housing also have the option of choosing the 7 meals per week dining plan. There are no exceptions to this policy. Meals may be taken in either the Burrow Refectory or with a cash equivalency in the Lynx Lair. Students will be given the opportunity to choose the board plan they prefer prior to the start of the school year. Students may change their board option by contacting Rhodes Express prior to the beginning of the next semester. Once the board plan has begun for a semester, no further changes may be made. Non-resident students may also purchase one of the meal plan options by contacting Rhodes Express prior to the beginning of the semester.

All students living in the residence hall must pay the full comprehensive tuition, regardless of the number of credit hours taken in the semester.

If at some point it becomes necessary to turn the student account over for collection, the student will be required to reimburse the College the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by the College in such collection efforts.

Withdrawal Policy

All requests for withdrawal must be initiated by the student through the Office of Student Development and Academic Services. The official date of withdrawal will be the last day that the student attended class. Once the Bursar has received all the necessary information concerning the withdrawal, the financial accounts of the student will be settled based upon the policies below. Involuntary withdrawals (i.e. suspensions or expulsions) are handled the same as voluntary withdrawals in that tuition and other fees remain due for the semester in which the suspension or expulsion occurs.
Tuition. If a student has attended classes, the full semester’s tuition is due and payable to the College regardless of the date of withdrawal, unless the student withdraws due to protracted illness or injury. Should this illness be certified by a physician, psychologist, or other qualified professional that it prevents the completion of the semester’s academic work, a pro-rata charge for tuition will be made on the following basis (“days” is defined as days when classes are scheduled, i.e. five days per week).

Withdrawal Date Pro-rata Semester Tuition Due

(for medical reasons only)

  • First 10 days of semester 25%
  • 11th through 25th day 50%
  • 26th through 35th day 75%
  • After 35th day of semester 100%

Financial Aid

Rhodes financial aid remains credited to the account on the same basis as the charge for tuition above. When a student leaves the college, however, federal, state, and/or institutional financial aid funds may need to be returned to the entity providing the funding. The Bursar will determine the amount of “unearned financial aid” received by the student. The return of those funds may create a balance due to the college, and it is the student’s responsibility to pay that balance.

Room and Board

The full room and board charges for the semester remain due and payable for any semester the student occupies a residence hall room. The charges remain due regardless of the date or reason for withdrawal. There are no pro-rata refunds of room and board charges.

Activity Fee

The full activity fee charge for the semester remains due and payable for any semester the student attends classes, regardless of the date or reason for withdrawal.

Special Fees and Deposits

Application Fee. $45.00

Enrollment Deposit. $400.00. Applies to incoming students only. The deposit, due by May 1, is non-refundable.

Open Rhodes (orientation) Fee. $200.00

Part-time Tuition (Non-resident degree candidates taking 11 credit hours or less). $1,735.00 per credit hour.

Special Student Tuition (Students not seeking a degree at Rhodes). $900.00 per credit hour plus $45.00 application fee.

Special Student Tuition, Audit Rate. $450.00 per credit plus $45.00 application fee.

Summer Course Tuition, 2014. $900.00 per credit hour.

Summer Directed Inquiry and Internship Tuition, 2014. $450.00 per credit hour. All students earning Rhodes credit for directed inquiries and internships during the summer must be charged this rate in order to receive the credit.

Extra Credit Hour Fee. $635.00 per credit hour. This fee is charged of degree-seeking students enrolling in more than nineteen (19) credits in a semester.

Applied Music Fee. Students enrolled in applied music will be charged an additional fee of $490.00 per credit for private lessons. After the first applied music lesson, this applied lesson fee is nonrefundable.

Once declared, Music majors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to eight (8) credits of their principal applied instrument. Music majors taking more than eight (8) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the major will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

Once declared, Music minors will have the Applied Music fees waived for up to four (4) credits of Applied Music and lessons taken prior to declaration of the minor will be charged the applied fee for those credits.

If a student fails to graduate as a music major or minor, the applied lesson fees that would have otherwise been assessed will be retroactively added to the student’s account.

Late Enrollment Clearance Fee. $50.00

Late Payment Fee. $25.00

Key Fob Replacement Fee. $25.00

Student ID Card Replacement Fee. $10.00

PLEASE NOTE: This document reflects information as it was published in the 2014-15 Rhodes Catalogue. You may find more current information elsewhere on rhodes.edu.