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Travel brings textbooks to life.

About 65% of Rhodes students take advantage of learning opportunities off-campus and in other countries, most often during their sophomore and junior years. And while language and culture are common subjects of study, specialized programs in anthropology, politics and archaeology, to name a few, help students develop real-world skills in their discipline—by putting themselves in the real world.

Through the Rhodes Buckman Center for International Education, students discover the transformative power of sustained experience with other cultures. The Center helps develop and administer off-campus study programs such as:

  • European Studies—This joint program of Rhodes and The University of the South offers a seventeen-week semester comprised of four weeks of study at the Univeristy of the South, a ten-day practicum at the Universities of York and Durham, six weeks at Lincoln College, Oxford University, and five weeks of travel in Western Europe. Students may choose one of two tracks: Ancient Greece and Rome or Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  • Field Studies in Namibia—Students explore the major environmental issues of one of the world’s most arid and beautiful countries by meeting with indigenous people, government officials and others involved with the local environment. Rhino-tracking and lion-darting may be part of the educational experience during the trip.
  • ISEP and Bilateral Exchanges—Rhodes students have access to exchange programs worldwide and can use their portable institutional aid and scholarships to fund study abroad.
  • Washington Semester—During sixteen weeks at American University in Washington, DC, participants complete internships and coursework for up to 16 academic credits, while networking in the heart of the U.S. government.
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