2014 Fellows Papers



Projects Directed by Prof. John Bass, Mike Curb Institute for Music & Music Department:

Sarah Catanzaro, “′You’ve Got to Have the Vision, Girl′: Women and the Memphis Recording Studio”

Premiese Cunningham, “′You Can’t Marginalize Me!′: Tradition and Individuality in Memphis Rap”

Gunter Gaupp, “’Blues Isn’t All About Some Guy Sitting on a Corner’”: An Examination of Blues Music and Culture Through the Lens of Mississippi Blues Festivals”


Projects Directed by Prof. Tom Bremer, Religious Studies Department:

John Manchester, “Stranger in My Own Hometown: Chips Moman and the Forgotten Story of American Studios”

Jacqueline Marsh, “God Is Good Business: The Role of Religious Orientations in Small Business Enterprises”

Stephanie Veech, “Historic Parks and Monuments: Bedford Forrest Park and the Controversy of Sacred Space versus Public Place”


Projects Directed by Prof. Liz Daggett, Center for Outreach in the Development of the Arts & Art Department:

Phoebe Driscoll, “Pharaohs of Memphis"

(For more information or to set up a viewing, please contact student by email.)

Emily Heine, “No One Sees You"

(For more information or to set up a viewing, please contact student by email.)

Lara Johnson, “Geekland”

(For more information or to set up a viewing, please contact student by email.)


Projects Directed by Prof. Charles Hughes, The Memphis Center & History Department, and Anthony Siracusa, History Department, Vanderbilt University:

Christian Baum, “To Know Man as Man: Progressive Dreams & Provincial Realities at Southwestern College in the Year of the Sanitation Strike”

Emily Clark, “′An Anomaly to Myself and Others′: Ida B. Wells, and Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Memphis in the late 19th Century”


Projects Directed by Prof. Charles McKinney, History Department & Africana Studies Program:

Lanier Flanders, “Correcting the Constitutional Crisis and Corresponding “Culture of Criminalization” in the Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court”

Schaeffer Mallory, “′Next Thing You Know, You Got Invaders Everywhere′: An Organizational Analysis of the Invaders, 1967-1970”

Sophia Mason, “Gordon School: An Episode from Memphis”


Projects Directed by Prof. Milton Moreland, Religious Studies Department:

Tiegst Ameha, “My Memphis: How Neighborhoods in Transition and Transitioning through Neighborhoods shape Identity”

Campbell Delahoyde & Robert Donachie, “Infant Mortality in Memphis, Tennessee: The Tip of the Iceberg”


Projects Directed by Joel Parsons, Clough-Hanson Gallery Director:

Morgan Kulesza, “Community Art Project: Caritas Village and Choices”

Projects Directed by Prof. Natalie Person, Psychology Department:

Katie Fritzlen, “Cultural Capital and its Relationship to Academic Achievement: The Case of Shelby County High Schools”

Lexi Perkins, “Suspended Chances: An Examination of the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Memphis Public Schools”

CarlyWill Sloan, “Our Talented City: Understanding the Talent Pipeline in Memphis”