2013 Fellows Projects



Projects Directed by Prof. John Bass, Mike Curb Institute for Music & Music Department:

Skyler Gambert, “Radio Free Memphis: The WLYX Story”

Matthew Hicks, “Royal Studios and the Creation of the Hi Sound”

Molly Whitehorn“Echoes of Memphis” (Web Project)

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Projects Directed by Prof. Tom Bremer, Religious Studies Department:

Taylor Conrad, “The Crystal Shrine Grotto: Memorial Park Cemetery’s Hidden Gem”

Lauren Hales, “Feeding the Soul: The Church’s Response to Hunger”

Claire Hautot, “A Spectrum of Appropriateness: Sex Education in Religiously Affiliated High Schools”


Projects Directed by Prof. Liz Daggett, Center for Outreach in the Development of the Arts & Art Department:

John Cerrito and Phat Ho“A Woman with a Physical Problem” (Documentary Film)

This film documents the lives of four transgender women of different ages and racial backgrounds who are at different stages in their physical and social transition. The film highlights the issues these women face being transgender in the Mid-South including: childhood repression and development, family conflict and acceptance, psychiatric abuse and finding proper counseling as well as the financial hardships associated with transitioning. The film also touches on some of the legal, social and safety issues associated with being transgender in the South while highlighting the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community center as a resource for dealing with these issues while fostering a sense of community, discourse, and understanding.

Becca Martin"Welcome to the Tribe" (Documentary Film)

"Welcome to the Tribe" is a 30-minute film that documents the Memphis native band Agori Tribe. The group of five college-aged musicians describe their early days as a "nameless jam sesh," but around 2010 a legitimate band began to form as they gained recognition for their unique "Space Island Funk Rock" sound. During the summer of 2013 I joined The Tribe on their first-ever tour, leaving Memphis behind for shows in Athens, GA and Knoxville, TN. Capturing youth culture in the Memphis music scene, this film chronicles Agori Tribe on a passion-driven journey to spread their original sound and positive energy as far as possible.

Projects Directed by Prof. Hamlett Dobbins, Art Department:

Joey Thibeault“People of Memphis” (Studio Art Project)


Projects Directed by Prof. Charles Hughes, The Memphis Center & History Department:

Della Hébert, “Strangers in Their Own Land: The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians”

Phoebe Strom, “Defining Dixie: Southern Political Discourse in Country Music”


Projects Directed by Prof. Leigh Johnson, Philosophy Department:

Carrie Cobb, “The Drumbeat of Memphis: Reducing Youth Handgun Violence One Child, One Gun, and One Community at a Time”

Sophie Osella, “Down on Beale” (Documentary Film)

No link currently available; for more information contact osesa@rhodes.edu.

Andrea Tedesco, “What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Skewed Logic and Problems Within Abstinence-Only Education”


Projects Directed by Prof. Charles McKinney, History Department:

Cecil Brown, “Everything But Delibate Speed: Integration in Tunica County, Mississippi”

Sam Mattson, “Victory at Home and Victory Abroad: A Story of Memphis, War Bonds, and Civil Rights”


Projects Directed by Prof. Milton Moreland, Religious Studies Department:

Huntley Hudgins, “’I Am Not a Disease; I Am Just Me and A Fun Person to Dance With’: A Study of Rhodes College Gay History”

Nathan Redman, “Wage Theft and The American Dream: Cultural Narratives, Fostering Support or Justifying Exploitation?”

René Sánchez, “Browning Bluff City: Hispanic Business, Culture, and Memory in Memphis”


Projects Directed by Prof. Elizabeth Thomas, Urban Studies Program & Psychology Department:

Annie Minor, “Capital Punishment: A Shelby County Case Study”

Anna Ranson, “Examining the Concept of Livability in the Crosstown Community of Memphis”



Projects Directed by Prof. Elizabeth Thomas, Urban Studies Program & Psychology Department:

Abbey Judd, “Parents and Schools as Partners in Education: Strategies for Parent Engagement at Our Lady of Sorrows, Jubilee Model School in Frayser, TN”


Projects Directed by Prof. Charles McKinney, History Department:

Destiny Smith and Allyson Topps, “Strides for Equality: A Resource Guide for the Civil Rights Struggle in Memphis”


Projects Directed by Prof. Marcus Pohlmann, Political Science Department:

Bekah Barr, “Measuring Success: Alternative Education Schools’ Accountability Models”

Landon Webber, “Identifying Best Practices in the Design of Central Office Performance Evaluations in Public Schools”


Projects Directed by Prof. Natalie Person, Psychology Department:

Abby Lewis & Jenny Bitzer, “Policy vs. Reality: Understanding Attendance in Memphis’ Urban Schools”