2012 Fellows Papers


Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Tom Bremer:


Grace Hicks (’14): “Moving Past the Music: An exploration of Reverend William Herbert Brewster′s Opinions and Beliefs on Race Relations, Civil Rights, and Ethnological Uplift”


Anna Lockhart (’14): “Words on a Page”

Cicely Upham (’14): “Daughter, Your Faith Has Healed You: An Emphasis on Faith for Addicts In Recovery”

Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Victor Coonin:


David Ash (’14): “Guiding a City’s Soul: Examining the Brooks Museum’s Soul of a City in light of the aesthetics of Hans Georg Gadamer”


Megan Doolin (’14): “Ethos: What is (y)our American Dream?”


Lila Turner (’13): “Comparing Museums: Why Economics and Entrepreneurship Are Important to Art Museums”


Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Liz Daggett:


Chloe Bryan (’14): “I am a Memphis woman: An Audio Portrait of Memphis’ Adolescent Female Population” (digital sound file)

Christi Haynes (’15): “Youth for Youth: An UnDocumentary”



Summer Preg (’15): Photography in Memphis

Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Leigh Johnson:

Tanner Evins (’13): “What Makes a Memphian a Memphian? An Existential Analysis”

Omolola Ajayi (’14): “Who is the Man in the Mirror?: Homosexuality, Blackness, and the Complexities of Intersectional Identity”


Ryley Erhardt (’12): “You May Not Get There With Me: How the Memphis Civil Rights Movement Left the LGBTQ Community Behind”


Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Milton Moreland:


Annie Bares (’13): “From Soul Food to Whole Foods: The Soul Food Restaurant in Memphis Today”


Emily Sullivan (’13): “Progressive Initiatives in Memphis City Schools’ Health/Wellness Curriculum: An examination of the relatively liberal yet stunted MCS sexual education instruction”


Jess Newman (’13): “The Category Imperative: Sex, Gender, and Illusions of Difference”


Institute Fellows Working with Prof. John Bass:


Alex Nollan (’15): “James ‘Jimmie’ Lunceford: The Father of Jazz Education”


Alex Piazza (’14): “Folklorist John Quincy Wolf Jr.: From the Ozarks to Memphis”


Blake Alexander Wilkerson (’13): “Manassas in the 1950s: Cultivating a Jazz Tradition”


Institute Fellows Working with Prof. Charles McKinney:


Ben Evans (’14): “The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 and Public Health Reform in Memphis”


Jenna Sullivan (’15): “Saving the Black Swan: Responses to the Racial Disparity in Classical Ballet”

Mollie Bussey-Spencer (’13): “’Where the Past Still Hurts’: Court-Ordered Busing in Memphis City Schools”