Summer 2013

Congratulations to Amelia Phelps (′15) who received a fellowship from Rhodes College to continue research on the elephant, hippo, and giraffe projects this summer.  


Spring 2013

Thirteen students are involved with research projects at the zoo this semester. Maggie Blake (′14) is working with Dr. Katrina Knott in the research lab of the Conservation and Research Department. Stephen Leavelle (′14), Jennifer Marshall (′14), Madi Marullo (′13), and Roberta Moore (′14) are working on the elephant and hippo projects. Kimber Jones (′13) and Phillip Lyons (′13) are finishing up their year-long study of wolf behavior and spatial movements. Allison Julien (′14) is studying affiliative and agonistic behaviors in vampire bats, and Amelia Phelps (′15) is continuing a study on giraffe behavior. Sarah Ferguson (′13), Kelly Patton (′13), Jordan Perchik (′13), and Sandra Videmsky (′14) are also working on the long-term elephant project.  

Congratulations to Allison Julien (′14) and Maggie Blake (′14) who won 1st and 3rd place, respectively, in the Zoology Division at the Tennessee Academy of Sciences (TAS) Western Regional Meeting in April 2013! Maggie′s presentation was coauthored by faculty, researchers, animal keepers, and students from Rhodes College and the Memphis Zoo. Also winning awards at TAS were Kimber Jones (′13) and Phillip Lyons (′13), who won 2nd place for their poster presentation on wolf behavior and spatial movements.

Fall 2012

The Fall 2012 semester has begun! Twelve students are involved with research projects at the zoo this year. Maggie Blake (′14), Kelsey Jones (′13), Stephen Leavelle (′14), Jennifer Marshall (′14), Madi Marullo (′13), and Laura Wagner (′13) are splitting their time between the ongoing elephant project and a new project involving the hippos. Brittany Pope (′13) is continuing with the elephant project by working in the research lab at the zoo. Leo Kokorev (′13) is continuing work on the bonobos, and Kimber Jones (′13) and Phillip Lyons (′13) are starting a project with the wolves. In addition to her work on the elephant and hippo projects, Kelsey is continuing to assist with the Amazon flower database, and John Menz (′14) and Roberta Moore (′14) are working on GIS mapping of the zoo′s ultilities and trees (in collaboration with the Memphis Zoo and Prof. Jabaily). 

Summer 2012

Thanks to Rhodes College for funding the Research in Animal Behavior, Physiology and Conservation Fellowship! Maggie Blake (′14), Stephen Leavelle (′14), and Jennifer Marshall (′14) are spending the summer analyzing live and video behavior of African elephants at the Memphis Zoo.

Brittany Pope (′13) is also conducting research this summer as one of three Biodiversity Interns at the zoo. Kelsey Jones (′13) is assisting with a project on flowers consumed by primates in the Amazon Basin.

Spring 2012

Congratulations to Kimber Jones (′13) and Sarah Ferguson (′13) for their awards at the Western Regional Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences! Kimber won first place for her poster presentation of "Analysis of behavior and spatial preferences in snow leopards (Uncia uncia), and Sarah won second place in the Environmental Science category for her oral presentation of "Activity budgets of two captive red pandas at the Memphis Zoo." Both presentations were coauthored by Dr. Andy Kouba and Dr. Sarah Boyle.

A new paper ("Snake parasitism in an old-growth forest") has been accepted at Urban Ecosystems! This paper stemmed from a Rhodes Fellowship that involved collaboration among three faculty (Davis, Luque de Johnson and Boyle) and multiple students. Student coauthors include Anna Johnson Gay (′11), Adiha Khan (′13), and Matt Grisham (′13). The paper is available online.

Kimber Jones (′13) was featured in a recent Commercial Appeal article about Kimber′s research experiences at the Memphis Zoo. Read the article

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