2011 Fellows Papers


Projects Directed by Professor Tom Bremer:


Scarlett D’Anna (’12) “The Faces of Water”

Jennifer Kotrady (’12) “Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Overcoming the Dichotomized Perspectives that Hinder Progress in Reproductive Health”

Leanne Naramore (’12) “A Community Set Apart: Youth’s Gender and Sexual Socialization within the Bible Belt Mega-Church”


Projects Directed by Professor Victor Coonin:


Amy Aughinbaugh (’12) “The McCall Controversy: A Look into Art and Politics of 1940s Memphis”

Hannah Gysin (’12) “The Small and Large of It: The Struggles of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art and the Kress Collection” 

Anne Weems (’12) “The Origins of a Permanent Collection: An Account of the Early History of the Brooks Memorial Art Gallery under the Direction of Florence McIntyre”


Projects Directed by Professor John Bass:


Ben Walsh (’12)  “A Period of Rapid Evolution in Bass Playing and Its Effect on Music through the lens of Memphis, TN” 

William Lang
(′12) “Dr. Herman Washington Green: an Extraordinary Man and His Music”

Joshua Cape (’14) “The Social and Economic Impact of the Stax Legacy on the Soulsville Community” 

Projects Directed by Professor Leigh Johnson:


Sarah Holland Bacot (’13) “How to Say Gay: An Analysis of the Relationship between Queer Theory and the Modern LGBT Rights Movement”

Jack Clark (’13) “The Human Right to Education”

Ben Curtis (’12) “Owning our Understanding of Property Rights: Coupling Marx’s Critique of Capitalist Political Economy and Butler’s Understanding of Community within a Kantian Moral Framework” 



Project Directed by Professor Charles McKinney:


Mathew Jehl (’13) “George Lee: An Unsung Civil Rights Activist in an Overshadowed Movement” 


Project Directed by Professor Milton Moreland:


Andrew Grissom (’12) “Traces of a Forgotten Church: Exploring the historical context behind Andrew’s Chapel at Ames Plantation” 


Projects Directed by Professor Robert Saxe:

Jane Barrilleaux (’12) “A Legacy of Lies: The Clinton Administration and the Rwandan Genocide”

Mimi Dunn (’13) “Segregation by Any Other Name: Central High School and Integration in American Memory” 

Sarah Pate (’13) “The Declining Value of Art in America: How Arts in Memphis Continue to Thrive ”


Project Directed by Professor David Jilg:


Marissa Clark (’12), Roy Rainey (’13), Lucy Kay Sumrall (’14), “Hollywood Dreams”

Project Directed by Professor Liz Daggett:


Shyretha Johnson (’13), Isaiah Swanson (’12), David Becker: Documentary Film Project (Forthcoming)