Awards & Student Groups


Recognition of Outstanding Achievement

The Search program has a long tradition of recognizing students who have excelled in all aspects of the course, including written work, testing, and class discussion.  Each year, two students of extraordinary achievement are awarded the Fred W. Neal Prize and the W. O. Shewmaker Award in Interdisciplinary Humanities.  The achievement of other outstanding students in each colloquium is recognized through membership on the Search Advisory Council.

Fred W. Neal Prize and the W. O. Shewmaker Award in Interdisciplinary Humanities
The Fred W. Neal Prize and the W. O. Shewmaker Prize honor two students with highest distinction in first-year Search.  The former prize was established by colleagues and friends of Dr. Fred W. Neal, director of the Search course 1969-85, and the latter was established by alumni and friends in memory of Dr. W. O. Shewmaker, Professor of Bible at Rhodes 1925-41.  Candidates for these prizes are nominated by their colloquium leader and the prize winners are selected by a committee of the Search teaching staff.  The winners are announced at the college-wide Awards Convocation in the spring.

Winners for the 2008-2009 academic year were Daniel L. Henke, Jr. recipient of the Shewmaker Award, and Benjamin Curtis, recipient of the Neal Prize.

Search Advisory Council (SAC)
Membership on the Search Advisory Council (SAC) is awarded to those first-year students who have excelled in all areas of the course.  Students are nominated to the SAC by their colloquium leaders during spring semester of Humanities 101-102.  Newly designated SAC members are given the opportunity to participate in the end-of-year evaluation of the Search course where they provide valuable feedback to the teaching staff.  In their second year of studies,  SAC students are invited to give service to the first year course by serving as tutors,  substitute colloquium leaders, guides at Open House, and representatives at faculty candidate visits.